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Republican National Committeewoman, Dr. Ada Fisher, adresses the well armed crowd at the Restore The Constitution Rally on Saturday August 14th in Greensboro, NC

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2 Responses to “Dr. Ada Fisher – Restore The Constitution Rally”

  1. Pearlis says:

    I was very pleased with the speakers and the crowd at this Rally. I am wondering how I can get in touch with Dr. Ada Fisher. The numbers I have for her are not in working order.

  2. A fellow patriot says:

    Dr. Fisher wrote an article “Hip Hop Republican » Commentary on Music, Politics & Culture” where she included her contact information. The website is The contact information listed is:

    Dr. Ada M. Fisher is A Physician, licensed secondary education teacher in math and science, former county school board member and NC Republican national Committee Woman. Contact her at P. O. Box 777; Salisbury, NC 28145; telephone (704) 223-2321.

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