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Tin Foil Hats and Agenda 21

As a constitutionalist and patriot, I have consistently championed the constitutional concepts of limited government, individual freedom, free market economy, personal responsibility, and private property ownership.  As proven throughout history, the right to own private property that cannot be arbitrarily confiscated by the government is the source of individual freedom.  Karl Marx, the founder of Communism, was asked what he considered to be the single most important objective necessary for worldwide Communism to become a reality.  In response, he stated that for Communism to succeed required the elimination of private property rights.

Over the past few years, I have been speaking out against the UN’s Agenda 21 along with other issues of importance.  If I had given these presentations about Agenda 21 five years ago, someone would have run out and put a tin foil hat on my head.  The implication would have been that people who buy into conspiracy theories are paranoid nutcases who should be ignored by the sane majority.

Twenty years have passed since the Agenda 21 plan was adopted at the United Nation’s Conference of Rio in 1992.  Abundant original documentation confirming every aspect of this program is readily available from a variety of sources, including the United Nation’s own website.  You may agree or disagree with its goals and methods, but no logical person who has investigated Agenda 21 can conclude that it is a conspiracy theory without basis in fact.

Agenda 21 is, unfortunately, all too real.

Yes, the globalization of trade, communications, travel, and lifestyle is a natural product of the technology revolution, and it is, in fact, inevitable and a benefit for all humanity.

Simple economic globalization, however, is not the goal of the UN’s arrogant elitists.  They seek to use Agenda 21 to impose a socialist, redistributive one world government under the UN banner.  If you doubt this, listen to the words of those who advocate for Agenda 21, read the international treaties submitted for ratification, and study the proposals planned for the Rio+20 conference this year.  In every instance, the Natural Law rights of individuals are replaced by international communal rights, national sovereignty is obliterated, and wealth is to be limited and redistributed globally.

There are those that acknowledge the reality of Agenda 21 but say that globalization is inevitable, it has been coming on for decades, and all should just accept it.

Agenda 21 is like a snowball rolling down the mountain toward a village at the bottom.  It starts out small moving slowly at the top but rapidly grows in size and increases in speed as it heads toward the village.  An observer might say, “It is inevitable that the village will be destroyed by the oncoming avalanche, so why try to prevent the disaster?”

Did our Founders just stand by and accept the growing tyranny of King George in 1776?

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  1. Dr. we are fellow Murphy residents and very much aware of the UN and Global Bankers scheme to destroy what our forefathers worked so hard to establish for us. We would love to organize something here to wake everyone up to the Agenda 21 issues regarding property rights. People just dont seem to realize we are about to be phased out for the animals. We are somehwhat new to the area and not sure what has been attempted on this front.

  2. I am the Executive Recruiter of a grassroots organization with true global reach, WTPN® (We The People Network®). We postulate strong liberty-minded goals both in the US and across this ever-shrinking global community, with influence in about 75 countries at present. What follows is an explanation of our organization.


    WTPN® is an umbrella organization designed to link multiple groups, pages, and websites together in a network of forums all populated by liberty-minded patriots. This task was undertaken because of the belief that “One voice may speak, but many unified voices can ROAR!” It is time for We The People to ROAR! This network was built on the principal that the true governing power in this country is of, by, and for We The People, and if this is not seized upon and exercised, we will forfeit our ability and right to do so forever!

    The goal of WTPN® is to accumulate a critical mass of voices and leverage these voices to hold those who control the reins of government accountable to the expressed wishes of the people. We do this in a variety of ways, including our:

    • Support of liberty-minded candidates

    • Wide-reaching media capability

    • Political activities, such as rallies, demonstrations, conferences, and seminars conducted through our partners
    • Sheer numbers

    Working together as a coalition, we are able to apply steady pressure on our elected officials to truly represent the voice of the people as they have been elected or appointed to do. This mission will be carried through to any government that exercises nonrepresentational control, regardless of location or nationality.

    Because we in America do not have a lock on liberty and freedom-related issues, WTPN® also enjoys a significant global reach, with partners and members in over 75 different countries and regions of the world, including Europe, India, Great Britain, Australia, Argentina, and Canada, as well as our Building Bridges chapter that covers Turkey, the Middle East and northern Africa. This membership represents many millions of voices.

    Our influence is wide and embraces a variety of multimedia, including the following:

    • Multiple YouTube channels

    • 50+ websites

    • Presence on Twitter (US and Europe)

    • 100+ radio and podcast shows, including several weekly WTPN® netcasts

    • Weekly transatlantic television program (and several others in the works)

    • In-house video production capability

    • Several nationally-renowned reporters
    • 500+ FaceBook forums and groups, ranging in size from 25 to hundreds of thousands of voices

    WTPN® is now representing well over 12 million voices and reaching through our media many times more. Our representation and media capability continues to enjoy an exponential rate of growth as our infuence increases worldwide!

    We are an organization dedicated to putting the governing authority of this nation or any nation oppressed by injustice back in the hands of the people through peaceful activism conducted within the laws and and regulations of the prevailing political system. As a representational organization, we realize this is a never- ending vigil. Accordingly, WTPN® will continue on into the future unabated, growing and gathering strength in our unified voice because there will always be a need for a strong, well-organized advocate of liberty to champion the causes of We The people here at home and within our expanding global community. We have accepted that challenge and are fervently commited to it!

    Please contact me, Lynn Nichols (WTPN® Executive Director) or Roger Landry (WTPN® Founder) if you are interested in partnering with WTPN®. Help us spread the message of liberty far and wide in what could very well be the most crucial point in American, and indeed world, history. Please include the name of your liaison. I was unable to find an e-mail in which to send this, and hope you don’t mind my sharing it here. I wish you a pleasant day and thank you for reading this message!

    Bonnie Davis Ross
    Executive Recruiter WTPN®

    (new social site)

    WTPNetwork Social Networking Community

    WTPNetwork.com Social Site One Voice Can Speak But Many Voices Can ROAR!

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