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Butterflies and Boris the Clown

The idea that a small often miniscule or even unknowable event can lead to enormous large-scale consequences for millions in distant places is not new.  Scientists in the 19th Century deliberated such questions as whether the removal of one single grain of sand could adversely affect the entire beach.  The first widespread published reference to this phenomenon was a science fiction short story, “A Sound of Thunder” in 1952 by Ray Bradbury.  Set in 2055, the characters use a time machine to travel back to the dinosaur era, where the killing of a butterfly creates a domino effect with significant changes to future history.

In the 1990 film “Havana” starring Robert Redford and Lena Olin, Redford, playing the role of a gambler skilled with numbers, suggests that “a butterfly in China flapping its wings may cause a hurricane in the Caribbean.”  The 2004 movie with Ashton Kutcher, actually titled “The Butterfly Effect” was based on Bradbury’s 1952 short story.

Edward Lorenz

The scientific concept of “The Butterfly Effect” was derived from the work of MIT meteorology professor Edward Lorenz in a lecture he delivered in 1972 at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.  He asked the audience, “Can a butterfly from Brazil flapping its wings cause a tornado in Texas?”   While his audience drew their own conclusions, Lorenz intended for his theory to demonstrate why complex and dynamic systems often have unpredictable reactions.  This was in direct conflict with centuries of classic science theory that nature was totally predictable based on known laws of nature.  Lorenz said, “Even if all the laws of nature were known, nothing, including the future, would remain known to people.”  Lorenz further believed that “nature’s interdependent cause and effect relationships are too complex to resolve.” 

While numerous scientific experiments have been attempted to ascertain the truth of the Butterfly Effect, there are too many moving parts in real life to design a protocol that could produce a verifiable result. 

To understand the relevance of Butterfly Effect today, we must first define the current parameters of the humanity’s divisive conflict.  In reality, mankind has been fighting the same battle since the beginning of life on earth, namely, who is the boss of whom. 

America was founded on the concept of individual freedom based on our Constitution, a contract between individual sovereign states and their sovereign citizens, that created a constitutional republic.  The rights of every single individual were to be protected and secured by that document to prevent usurpation of power by the federal government. 

Instead, we are witnessing the total eradication of these constitutional guarantees and the breakdown of our constitutional republic.

We certainly could blame career politicians driven by greed and a lust for power who go to Washington poor and retire wealthy.  Many other legislators are equally guilty of attempting to abolish the Natural Law Rights of the people while exempting themselves from the legal consequences of breaking the laws they impose on us. 

The primary perpetrator, however, is the Federal Judiciary and the Supreme Court.

Many Supreme Court justices over the past hundred years have voted for and written opinions that are in direct contradiction to those very doctrines, like the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, on which our nation was founded.  These justices false and misguided rationale is the notion that the Constitution allows them to ignore the written law and its governing principles to change the rules by applying the realities of modern life.  Their true purpose is to circumvent the constitutional restraints on governmental authority to fundamentally change America and eliminate individual sovereignty and freedom.

The Supreme Court consists of men and women who are supposed to ignore their own personal opinions and prejudices to make judicial decisions based on the written law.  Increasingly, federal judges at all levels ignore or deliberately obfuscate the written text of the law to inject social engineering concepts and political bias into each decision.  In direct contradiction to our Constitution, legislating from the bench has become the new normal. 

The entire federal judiciary has become a legislative “super branch” more powerful than Congress or the Executive, because they create law but are not directly accountable to the people.  Without the unconstitutional and duplicitous actions of the Federal Judiciary, the Socialist agenda of the globalist elite would be stalled, dead in the water.

Famously, President Eisenhower warned the nation about the “Military-Industrial Complex“. Today, we have the “Corporate-Political Complex,” an enormous swamp of giant international corporations with money to control the political machinery of government and purchase the allegiance and decisions of elected officials. 

And therein lies the relevance of the Butterfly Effect today.  The Butterfly Effect is a tool of the globalist elite to promote the concept that all humanity is interdependent on each other.  It is a tool to remove the concept of personal responsibility, blame society for human frailties and failures, and to demand that we all conform to their world view.  Their ultimate goal is to impose a one world socialist tyranny on all of us, while they retain all the wealth and power for themselves.

Need an example?  As Prime Minister of Great Britain, Boris Johnson championed BREXIT to reestablish a free market economy to his country.  Yet, here he is seen welcoming his fellow elitists to the recent G7 conference in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, GB, using the identical cliché phrases and pandering to the same special interest groups as the globalists in our country. 

This video segment shows in an open and brazen manner how little each of us matter to the arrogant elitists who intend to steal our property while enriching themselves and planning future lives of wealth and ease at our expense.  We all thought Boris the Clown was on our side.  Why be surprised that he really is one of the elite after all?

We all know exactly what the global elite plan to do.  Agenda 21 and its precursors have been on the table for decades, getting closer to reality every time conservatives compromise to avoid conflict.  We have been betrayed by most legislators at all levels, ignored by the useful idiots in various bureaucracies, and abandoned by the judiciary including the constitutionally-challenged and otherwise compromised Supreme Court.  If H.R. – 1 succeeds, our right to secure elections, the most important tool we have to maintain individual freedom, will have been eliminated as well.

Remember the Declaration of Independence“all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator unalienable rights . . . . that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”

Here is the critical linkage that has been broken: 


The only question left now is, “What are you going to do about it?”

If our nation is to survive, patriots must stand up to break the cycle of compromise. 

When the feds come to erect a fence 50 feet on each side of the stream running through your pasture to keep you and your cattle out, what are you going to do about it?

The government cannot prevent are individual acts of secession, namely, when an individual stands up and says, “I will not comply with your unconstitutional rules, regulations, and laws.”

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom

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  1. Thanks for this very accurate article concerning the current state of affairs, both in USA and worldwide;
    much appreciated.
    Bill Adams

  2. There are two reasons for our present predicament, the first, most important leads to the second. Wisdom and discernment come only from God & we as a nation have cancelled Him. Secondly, the majority of the masses are now deceived, ignorant of history. Yes, the SCOTUS has been wielding power that was never intended for them. The masses are so enthralled with their phones & the next cheap piece of crap they can buy from Amazon that they can’t see what is actually happening before their eyes. They have no idea how our nation was intended to be governed. The masses follow the orders of the elite controlling big pharma/ media, wearing masks & taking gene therapies guaranteed to gradually deconstruct their bodies immune systems, leaving them sick …or dead. People believe everything “fact checkers” , the media and their doctors ( ruled by big pharma) tell them, too lazy to research for themselves.
    Perhaps a wake up call is on the way? May God have mercy on this deceived, sick nation.

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