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Enemies Foreign and Domestic with author Matt Bracken

Enemies Foreign and DomesticGiven the current efforts in D.C. to illegally restrict the constitutional rights of gun owners, “Enemies Foreign and Domestic”, the best-selling novel by author Matt Bracken, is a must read for those concerned about maintaining our Second Amendment rights.   I guarantee that this book will be tough one to put down!

Written in 2003, the book predicts a scenario that could become reality if we do not aggressively communicate with our elected officials at all levels of government.

Enemies Foreign and Domestic is the first by Bracken in a trilogy, followed by Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista, and lastly, Foreign Enemies and Traitors.

It’s an honor to have Matt Bracken as my guest on Freedom Forum Radio for the next three weekends:  March 23-24, March 30-31, and April 6-7.

Find out why preserving the Second Amendment as originally intended by our founders is so critical to maintaining our individual freedom and the sovereignty of our nation!  Tune in at WJRB-FM 95.1 FM or LISTEN LIVE on the Internet. Listen to PODCAST.

Don’t miss Part Two and Three of Dr. Dan’s interview with Author Matt Bracken as the discussion continues on the Second Amendment and your right to keep and bear arms!

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  1. Read all of Matt’s books and they are very close to what is taking place in our country today.
    Wish he would write another book in the same line so we could see how it all ends…

  2. Why does it take so long for broadcasts to be posted on the site as podcasts?

  3. Looking forward to the podcast.

    As far as how it all ends, there are as many endings as beginnings. Most are bad endings. When the country comes apart, do your part to write a good ending.

  4. Our policy has been to post the entire interview as soon as it has been broadcast. In the case of Matt Bracken, his interview lasted three weekends, the last of which is this weekend. The entire three part interview will be available for broadcast after next weekend. By doing this, the interview is not fragmented. Subjects discussed in one segment may be augmented, modified, or challenged in a subsequent segment. In addition, the radio station wants first right to broadcast before the podcasts are posted. Will get them up as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest.

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