Climate Change

Climate Change Hoax – a Tool of Tyranny

The cure proposed by climate change zealots is the cruel deception that we can save planet Earth by giving up our lifestyle and our individual freedom.  The collectivist elite has sold this fantasy to the gullible and ignorant masses who are racing down the rabbit hole of global tyranny oblivious to the catastrophe that awaits them.  

Fear is one of the most potent Tools of Tyranny.  It has the power to eliminate logical thought, to allow outright lies to be accepted as truth, and to limit candid open discussion to resolve disagreements.

That is the struggle we now face whenever Climate Change and the Green New Deal are discussed.  That entire concept has become a religion, the Church of Climate Change, whose adherents are on a crusade to abolish the carbon molecule.  They are oblivious to the basic scientific fact that Earth is a carbon planet.  All life on Earth is based on carbon and plans to decarbonize the land, sea, and air will cause the destruction of the complex ecosystem they claim to be protecting.

Scientists know that Climate Change is real.  After all, the climate on our planet has undergone continuous modifications and variations since the Earth was formed approximately 2 billion years ago.  The Big Lie is the notion that humanity has the power to stop or modify the continual variations in the Earth’s ecosystem that are caused by forces well beyond our understanding and control.  It is pure fantasy that mankind has any tool that could alter the short-term or long-term trajectory of earth’s climate or that of our solar system to any significant degree. 

Of course, like any religion, the Church of Climate Change has its ardent disciples who accept the gospel without question as well as others who deny or reject the basic doctrine of the religion.  The scenario would not be complete, however, without “parishioners” who fake belief in church doctrine for personal gain and, in doing so, take advantage of church supporters.

Several weeks ago, David Malpass, president of the World Bank, made the mistake of admitting in public that he couldn’t say exactly what percentage of climate change could be attributed to human activity.  Public outcry against him for “climatic heresy” was immediate.  

Richard Rahn’s commentary is especially noteworthy.  Richard has been a guest on Freedom Forum Radio in the past.  With appreciation of his wisdom and intellect, I quote him:  

No surprise, one of the leaders of the “get Malpass gang” is Al Gore. For more decades than we care to recall, Mr. Gore has been telling us that the Earth is going to end the next day, or at least the day after, if we do not financially support one of the environmental initiatives that often just happen to enrich him

A whole cottage industry of the “errors of Al Gore” has grown up that can be easily found on the internet. For many years, Mr. Gore has announced that the Arctic Ocean will be free of sea ice several years in the future — these dates come and go, the sea ice is still with us, but the press is too polite to mention that Mr. Gore is a fraud. The ever-predictable fool John Kerry joined in with the attempted lynching — bringing rope from one of his yachts or one of his private planes — to tell us once again (because he is of pure thought) that the fact that he produces many times the CO2 of the rest of us is of no importance.

None of this is surprising, of course, but it points out the need to investigate and reevaluate the true risk of Climate Change as an existential threat to human life on Earth.

The identity and effect of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) are the foundation of current government attempts to control Earth’s temperature.  Water vapor in various forms (humidity, snow, ice, clouds, and ocean circulation) makes up 95% of the GHGs in Earth’s ecosystem.  The remaining 5% (“other GHGs”) consists of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, CFCs, and SF6 only 6% of which is man-made.  Man-made GHGs constitute only 0.3% of overall GHGs.  That’s the truth.  It is no surprise, therefore, that the projected temperature change from elimination of carbon dioxide is measured in small fractions of a single degree.   

The Computer Modeling Process, the Gold Standard to predict the Earth’s temperature far into the future, is based on variable and biased raw data chosen to achieve a pre-determined result.  We already know of several instances in which temperature data was purposefully altered, and raw data collected by the government is not available until it has been adjusted to account for a set of variables designed to cloud the truth.  In addition, projections based on commonly used “worst-case scenarios” invariably predict catastrophes that are unlikely to occur.  All these shenanigans constitute “outcome-based science” in which data is selected and manipulated to get the desired result instead of revealing the truth.  So much for the Scientific Method.    

All life requires energy to survive based on the needs of its physiology.  The symbiotic relationship of plants and animals involving photosynthesis, oxygen, and carbon dioxide used to be part of the third-grade science curriculum.  If it were today, young students would understand that carbon dioxide is not a poison gas but a necessary part of the cycle of life. 

At first, humans performed tasks by hand, alone, or in cooperating groups.  Starting with simple tools like the wedge and the wheel, the history of humanity contains a long list of inventions that allow us to perform tasks more efficiently and with greater ease using force multipliers like animal labor, electricity, and the internal combustion engine.  Fossil fuels, an important part of that progression, are the most efficient source of energy.  No doubt, renewable energy would be preferable in the future, but that technology is not available now on a scale necessary to support the lives and lifestyles of human beings on Earth at this time.   

Truth and sunlight eventually expose the deceptive motives of false prophets.  Sooner or later, the impassioned disciples, indoctrinated and heavily invested in believing church doctrine, must come to grips with the truth or continue to deny reality.      

Trust in Freedom and Resist Tyranny!

Dr. Dan’s guest on Freedom Forum Radio this weekend is Robert Kappelmann, PE, a well-educated and well-qualified man with a special area of expertise to tackle the reality and deception of Climate Change. 

Robert Kappelmann graduated from Stetson University with a Bachelor of Science degree and completed undergraduate requirements in Chemical and Civil engineering.  He received a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Florida.  His graduate research area was Atmospheric Photochemistry.  He is a registered professional engineer in the state of Florida. 

Part one of this fascinating interview airs on Saturday and Sunday, October 22-23, on WJRB 95.1 FM and is streamed live over the Internet. Part two airs on Saturday and Sunday, October 29-30, and part three airs on November 5-6.

Air times are Saturday, 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM, and Sunday, 2:30 PM and 7:00 PM. All programs are available by podcast following airtime here.

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  1. Dan,
    My Chamberlain School third grade teacher, Miss Meehan, and Mr. Beach, our tenth grade biology teacher, would have enjoyed your essay.

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