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Dr Dan Says No to UN Climate Court

While we wrestle with our national debt and the prospect that our economy may not rebound soon, the international push to regulate every aspect of our lives through Marxist collectivism presses forward. The environmental fascists at the United Nations climate conference held in South Africa this week put forward plans to hold every nation and person on Earth responsible for “climate change.” Their proposals should alarm every sovereign individual, especially those in richer nations like the United States.

The first holds that a “climate court” be created to enforce arbitrary rules concerning cutting “emissions.” In this scheme, developed countries would pay fines to compensate poorer countries for a “climate debt.” This is sure to set your blood boiling and pressure pounding.  Why is this so dangerous? The climate court denies the sovereignty of the United States (as well other nations, such as the UK and Australia), making our nation subject to the whims of foreign administrators. It overturns the Constitution, creating an international law to override American law. It affords none of the protections in the Bill of Rights, instead converting individualism to collectivism. Essentially, it is a way to steal money from productive people in the name of “compassion.” Supposing even that such a court had some merit (which it does not), what guarantee would even the poorer nations have that such stolen money would reach them? But here we speculate whether thieves will have honor.

To sweeten the pot, the document calls for developed countries to help poorer countries with “finance, technology and capacity building,” ostensibly to bring them into competition with richer countries and into compliance with the United Nations. A veritable utopia! The game is quite obvious. The poorer nations are “victims” while the richer nations are “oppressors.” The United Nations, or whoever would take credit for the creation of such a court, is the “savior.” This is Marxism, pure and simple.

Further language claims that the developing countries should receive an amount of money equal to the sum “developed countries spend on defense, security and warfare.” The first thing to notice is that a choice is given. Either these developed countries will export a huge amount of “compensation” to the lesser nations, or else the amount spent on “defense, security and warfare” must be greatly reduced. Guess which side of the decision the developers of this plan hope to force? As a matter of record (just in case you doubted it), the document actually calls for a guaranteed end to warfare altogether, noting that “conflict-related activities emit significant greenhouse gas emissions” and calling on all parties to “cease destructive activities” (warfare).

The second proposal asserts the “rights of mother earth.” As a man of belief, I know who is God, and it is not “mother earth.” Nor do I believe that the Earth has rights that supersede those of man. God told man that the Earth and all upon it was subject to man. This means we are stewards for God’s sake, but it is not up to the United Nations to enforce such stewardship. This type of coercion has nothing to do with serving God but is instead mandating slavery to other men.

Fortunately, even climate change proponents don’t see a climate court coming anytime soon. In addition, a handful of our elected officials do understand how preposterous and dangerous this is and are standing up for American sovereignty and our Constitution.  Although we must each be good stewards of the Earth, I believe “global warming” to be a hoax intended to rob us further of national and personal freedom and wealth.

We must realize that this is just one more battle in the eternal struggle of good versus evil. In pursuit of world domination, the tyrants and elitists who would steal our liberty never sleep. Individual freedom can only be preserved by the constant vigilance and vigorous resistance of patriots and statesmen.

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