Dr. Michael CoffmanDr. Michael Coffman, perhaps the foremost expert and most active speaker on the subject of sustainability and Agenda 21, will speak on April 27 and 28, at the Opportunity House in Hendersvonville, North Carolina.  This is a public and free presentation sponsored through the Anti-Communism KTM of Western North Carolina, an organization with hundreds of members, including many politicians and media.

Opportunity House
1411 Asheville Hwy, Hendersonville, NC  28791
Friday, April 27, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Saturday, April 28, 5:00pm – 7:00pm
RSVP to gengar843@msn.com or call (828) 693-6970

Global CoolingOn the first Earth Day in 1978, the scientific elite warned us that Global Cooling and a new Ice Age was upon us.  When earth’s climate did not cooperate, their new crisis was Global Warming. Both potential catastrophes were blamed on greenhouse gas emissions, specifically carbon dioxide.

In an opinion column published in USA Today, April 19, (“Why the Extreme Weather”), Richard Alley once again tries to blame carbon dioxide for “climate change” and changing weather patterns.  He encourages us to sign on to this eco-agenda on the chance that it might be correct.  Like so many of his peers, he fails to acknowledge that the oceans have a greater impact on atmospheric CO2 than humans, animals, and industry combined.

Most of us understand that clean air and water is desirable and that throwing trash out of the window of a moving car is unacceptable behavior.  Most Americans also realize, however, that classifying a gas we exhale naturally as a poison to be regulated by the EPA will cripple our industry, limit energy supply, and destroy our way of life.

Such regulations are obviously intended to support the UN’s Agenda 21, a plan to redistribute globally our national wealth, steal America’s sovereignty and our individual freedom, and confiscate private property through abusive environmental regulation.
The environmental movement chooses to promote policies that restrict human activity, limit economic success for all, and eradicate the right to own private property guaranteed us by the Constitution.  These are, at the same time, the very policies that enrich those who profit from redistributive energy schemes such as Cap and Trade and protect animal species to the detriment of the legitimate needs of humanity.  Their hypocrisy is obvious.

We can no longer accept any compromise in our battle to stop this environmental agenda whose thinly-disguised goal is to create a socialist one world order run by self-appointed arrogant elitists under the banner of the United Nations.

Dr Dan Eichenbaum

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  1. Jack Hensley says:

    Want to know the absolute bottom line why America’s hands are tied concerning US using our own natural resources?

    Our homegrown commies want to save them for their comrades outside ‘the gates’ when they take over the country.

    Every other country does as it pleases with its resources if they have not bought into this global warming BS.

    The ‘watermellon commies’ over here have hamstrung US through their thugocracy the EPA and brainwashed our useful idiots into believing their propaganda.

    I used to think Americans were to smart to be enslaved, (at least my generation), but we were taught about communism and national socialism. This generation is the ‘ripe fruit’ that will fall into their hands.

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