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America is at a Crossroads

America is at a crossroads . . . which path do we take?

More evident this election cycle than any other preceding it, Americans are fed up with a political elitist class, sitting atop their special interest funded thrones in Washington DC, looking down on the masses as they enact new rules and regulations upon us that rarely apply equally to them.

The more the establishment candidates of both parties tout their “experience” and “record in government service,” the less appealing they are to angry voters intent on ending access to power that comes from family names and money.  As the liberal media fawns over Hilary and ignores her felonious campaign and email activities, a hoary socialist who honeymooned in Moscow is leading in the polls.  The GOP hierarchy is in no better shape, openly attacking the one candidate whose campaign has so effectively tapped into the anger most of us feel at being constantly betrayed by our elected officials on both sides of the aisle.

It doesn’t really matter whether Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump would be your ideal candidate or even if either of them could or should be our President.  We just fully understand that what we have now has brought our nation to the brink of financial ruin, destroyed the rule of law, threatened our national sovereignty, made us less safe, and stolen our individual freedom.

Friends, our cherished nation is in serious trouble. If we are to survive as the constitutional republic we were given by our founders, we must defeat the oligarchy of arrogant elitists who control our government.

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