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Election Integrity and Individual Freedom

A free individual, having control over his own future, has the freedom to decide the trajectory of his life and take responsibility for the outcome of his choices.  While government is necessary to perform specified functions, its authority must be limited by law and controlled by the consent of the governed to prevent it from usurping individual rights.  Citizen control of the government is achieved by an election process that is unbiased, legal, open, and honestly administered.  The integrity of the election process determines the limits of your freedom.                  

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights created specific mechanisms for choosing our nation’s leaders in addition to defining the parameters of their designated power and authority.  Recognizing the importance of the Presidency, our founders gave that choice to a group of honorable leaders, the Electoral College, instead of the people.  Because of the unequal population distribution of the original thirteen states, the Electoral College was also politically necessary so that all states had equal power in making that decision (The Genius and Necessity of the Electoral College).  

The Senate was to be comprised of two individuals from each state chosen by the state legislature.  This mechanism ensured that the special interests of each state would be represented in one legislative body in the federal government.  The House of Representatives was to be the true House of the People, as Representatives from each state were to be elected by popular vote. 

By design of our founders, the government consisted of leaders elected by the people but not all were elected by direct vote.  This divided power base ensured that, while all sectors were represented, the overall government operated as a Republic rather than the mob rule of a Democracy.

Leadership at any level has its benefits, so those in power usually desire to remain in control.  The use of bribery and force to influence individual voters and the use of voter suppression schemes is as old as humanity itself.  Direct payments to voters, blackmail, dead people voting, and the poll tax are all illegal, but politicians are a resourceful group and have devised legal strategies to achieve the same results. 

Pandering to voting blocs is common practice.  Politicians identify voters as members of a group (instead of individuals), convince them they are victims of shared discrimination and persecution, and promise to make others pay some form of reparations for the injustice.  Identity politics is very effective, but it creates severe divisions in society and, eventually, a strong backlash from the people who are forced to pay the bill.

Of more concern are efforts to alter the electoral system so that candidates losing the election have reason to believe that votes were miscounted, not counted, or fraudulent in origin.  State and Federal laws specify who is allowed to vote and how votes are counted and verified to be accurate.  Politicians understand that any election is essentially a numbers game and voter turnout determines the winner.  In an ideal world, nominees rely on their platform and governing philosophy to attract voters.  Unfortunately, candidates whose agenda is unpopular or unacceptable to most voters, realize they must cheat to win by deceiving voters with false promises and outright lies and by flooding the polls with ineligible voters.

Some form of government photo ID is required to participate in most aspects of society such as cashing a check, driving a vehicle, or flying on an airplane.  Those who are against requiring a photo ID to vote obviously plan to allow anyone to vote regardless of whether or not they have that right.

Citizenship is a definite requirement to vote in an election in all countries.  Allowing individuals to vote who show up at a polling place on election day without photo identification guarantees that illegal votes will be counted as legitimate.

In legal cases, there are established procedures that guarantee an intact and verifiable chain of evidence.  In many districts, paper ballots are carried from one location to another without such safeguards. 

We have in place a system for absentee voting that guarantees with a high degree of certainty that ballots cast are valid.  To vote by absentee ballot, a legal voter must request a ballot that is returned by mail by a certain date.  Only ballots sent to eligible voters are counted as valid.

The latest scam is “mail in” voting, a name purposefully designed to be confused with absentee ballots which also are returned by mail to be counted.  “Mail In” ballots are not requested by individual voters.  These ballots are mailed out to all voters on voter lists held by election offices without verification of their eligibility, residence, or whether the proposed recipients have moved away or are even still alive.  Millions of these ballots would be available to be filled out but anyone, mailed in, and counted with no independent verification of authenticity.

The peaceful transition of power in our Republic is based on elections that are expected to be honest, fair, and conducted according to established election laws.  Any departure from that process creates an overwhelming suspicion that the election was illegitimate and fraudulent.  Under those circumstances, many will refuse to accept the election outcome, risking chaos and societal breakdown. 

Attempts to win the 2020 election by fraud and deceit are painfully obvious, and many believe our second Civil War has already begun.  This is one last opportunity for true statesmen to speak out against all attempts to subvert the credibility of the electoral process. 

Fraudulent and rigged elections are the hallmark of dictatorships and do not preserve the Natural Law Rights and Freedoms guaranteed to each of us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

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