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Freedom is not a Government Program

A Conversation between Howard Hutchinson and Dr. Dan

Howard Hutchinson (HH):  Our nation is in a sad state, and we are headed for some hard times.  People with skills will survive, and they will be hardened.  We will have another turn of events following that cycle.  I’m feeling a little bit of optimism by what I see portrayed in at least some of the news that’s out there that people are standing up and saying, “Hey, wait a minute, what science?  Hey, wait a minute, why are you indoctrinating my kids?  Hey, wait a minute, why are you making me wear a mask when all the science says it’s ridiculous?  Hey, wait a minute, you want me to get a vaccine that does what?  Oh, it doesn’t prevent me from getting the disease?  Can you explain to me what a vaccine is supposed to do?”  Enough people are now beginning to say, “Hey wait a minute”.

Dr. Dan:  “Hey, wait a minute” is just one short step away from what I am urging people to start saying – four short words, “I will not comply”.  Those are the four words that we need to hear now.  “I will not comply with your unlawful, unconstitutional, and immoral laws, rules, and regulations that steal my freedom.”  “I will not comply” has got to become the mantra of the people who first say “Hey, wait a minute.”

HH:  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, repeated that many times and the people who listened to him and marched were saying, “No.  I am not sitting in the back of the bus.  I am going to sit at this counter and eat my lunch.  I am going to drink out of this fountain, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.”   That is the perfect example of what we must do to take back our nation and restore our individual freedom. 

People will go from saying “Hey wait a minute” to “No, dammit, it is not going to happen.”  So, then the tea goes into the harbor, unarmed people are going to line up in the street-facing muskets, get fired upon, and killed.  People will say, “Oh, you want to come to take our cannons, I don’t think so.  Come and take them if you think you can.”  Another analogy I have used to illustrate what we are talking about here is pulling the trigger on an unfamiliar rifle – you don’t know how much pressure it will take to fire the round.  We don’t know what pressure will be required for people in our society to stand together in large masses and say, “We will not comply.”     

Dr. Dan:  We do not know which straw will break the camel’s back, but there will be one that does.  The federal government blatantly ignores the Constitution and is progressively abolishing the Natural Law Rights of the people in order to enslave them.  These immoral and illegal actions are criminal and effectively destroy the rule of law.  The accumulation of atrocities will pile up until a flashpoint occurs.  That is the sequence of events that led up to the Boston Tea Party, the Boston Massacre, Paul Revere’s ride, the Battle of Lexington, and the American War of Independence. 

All those outrageous evil acts carried out by the British soldiers against the colonists are the same as what our federal government is doing to us now in one form or another.  Our Natural Law Rights, given to each of us at birth by God, are being disregarded, taken away by a lawless tyrannical government of corrupt politicians who go to DC poor and come away wealthy.  And now we are being actively betrayed by the one branch of government, the Judiciary, that is required by the Constitution to protect our well-documented individual rights.  When the Judiciary is bought and paid for, they become the tyrant’s tool.  Habeas corpus is abolished, the Bill of Rights is erased, and liberty is gone forever. 

In revolutionary times, the populace was divided – a third were Tories loyal to King George, a third were revolutionaries, and a third didn’t know which side to choose.  In the end, it only took 3% of the population to win our freedom from the tyranny of King George. 

HH:  You are utilizing a word that I am using more and more these days – and that is corruption.  Once a government gathers unto itself vast treasure and uses that treasure to buy other human beings, the corruption proliferates.  In revolutionary times, the Tories were the direct recipients of that government treasure and owed their livelihoods and position in society to the King.  The third that was oblivious were corrupted, too, as they were the small businessmen and farmers who had to sell to the Tories and didn’t want to bite the hands that fed them. 

Some years after the colonists won the War of Independence, the last living survivor of the Battle of Concord was interviewed by a very skillful journalist who asked what drove him to stand in a line with his fellow citizens against a large well-trained army.  He asked the soldier, “What motivated you to risk everything? Was it the taxes?  Was it the military?”  And the American revolutionary soldier said, “It was FREEDOM.” 

The reporter asked incredulously, “Freedom.  Is that why you risked your life?   Not for your property or for your family?” 

And the soldier said again, “Yes.  I risked my life for FREEDOM.” 

And now we are fiddling while Freedom burns away.  We have reached the tipping point at which 51% of the population has become the recipient class that is dependent on corrupt government treasure.  Once you reach that destructive milestone, our republican form of government cannot survive.

Dr. Dan:  And that is where we are today.  We have to find our Patrick Henrys, our John Hancocks, our Thomas Jeffersons, our George Washingtons, and our Samuel Adams.  History has a way of providing and inspiring heroes when they are critically needed. 

Ultimately, the human spirit craves FREEDOM. 

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom !

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  1. I am not ” vaccine hesitant”! I am “Hell no, I won’t take it!” These drugs are not actually vaccines, they are experimental gene therapies. No vaccine has ever been released without proper testing until now. The entire “vaccinated” population are the Guinea pigs. Last I checked, 18,000 lemmings have died & several hundred thousand have been injured. The spike proteins ( unless you receive a placebo) can destroy the human body. This is not conspiracy theory…look up Dr Peter McCollough, a prestigious cardiologist ( watch on Rumble / “Dr. Peter McCullough breaks down in tears at the tragedy that is happening with doctors”, October 7, 2021) ( Dr. Scott Jensen, on Rumble, October 26, 2021), Dr. Simone Gold, an E.D. Physician with over 20 years experience, who is the head of “America’s Frontline Doctors” Dr.Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr. Judy Mikotivs, Dr Stella Immanuel,, Dr. Richard Bartlett, Dr Lee Merritt and many other physicians.
    This is about control, nothing else. This virus was cooked up by Faucci as a means to control us & make a few more billions for big pharma. The whole thing was devised to shut down our freedoms. The masses of people are so far removed from God they have become deceived. Revelation says that all the nation’s will be deceived by their “sorcery”. When you look up sorcery in the Greek lexicon it is defined as ” pharmakia”.

  2. Continued from yesterday… Watch Charlie Kirk on Rumble , November 22, 2021 “Charlie Kirk vs. vaccines in just amazing 90 seconds”
    Also of interest in the area of scripture…the word “pestilence”… Both ivermectin & hydroxychloroquin are effective against covid…they are both used for pests…for mosquitoes/malaria & as a dewormer ( though of course they have other uses as well).
    Another area of interest…the protocol used in hospitals to treat covid. Many hospitals ( not all) have advised patients to go home until their symptoms are severe….they come back & are very ill, admitted to ICU & given rendesivir which causes kidney failure, which causes pulmonary edema which requires a ventilator & dialysis…rendesivir is very expensive…ivermectin & hydroxychloroquin and high dose vitamin therapy are inexpensive. Also noted is the fact that once a patients breathing drive is knocked out, they may not get it back.
    I know this is poorly written…I’m trying to state the facts quickly, I’m in a time crunch. I am writing you because I know people will listen to you. I’ve tried to place articles in my local newspaper…they print it with typographical errors & misspelled words making me look like an idiot.
    Covid is real, people have died but the numbers have been highly inflated with faulty PCR tests. This was orchestrated as a means of control ( the election/ mail in ballots) . I do not think all physicians realize what is happening…they are too busy to research for themselves.
    One more thing…they have admitted there are cardiac related issues with this vax with the young but I believe it is affecting older people as well….its just that when an older person has a stroke or M.I.
    it is not considered unusual.
    I have always thought that if I had lived in Nazi Germany I would have said something to alert people as to what was actually happening. So yeah, I won’t be silent, I’m telling everyone I know.
    Thanks for all you do & thank you for listening.

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