US Constitution and Individual Freedom

Group Dynamics and Our Social Compact

Observing group dynamics can teach us a lot about our constitutional republic and how it was designed to operate.  For any alliance to function effectively and persist over time, a balance must be achieved between the desires of each member and the necessities of the group as a whole.  Membership has an admission price the value of which must be compared to the benefits of belonging.  The fee is paid in “sovereignty units”, the only commodity each of us can use to bargain with groups and governments.

If each person retains all his “sovereignty units”, there is “anarchy” because government cannot exist if it has no power.  In a tyranny, the government confiscates all individual “sovereignty units”, so that each person becomes a slave to the ruling class.  The challenge is to achieve the proper and acceptable balance.      

When an individual gives up a portion of his “sovereignty units” to join, he does so with the understanding and belief that he will always retain the Natural Law Rights that assure his own individual freedom.  He also expects that laws will be equally applied to all and that all citizens will contribute and benefit equally.  The Bill of Rights outlines those basic essential principles, and the Constitution secures them by creating a balance of power shared by the federal government, its branches, the states, and the people.  These mechanisms of governance constitute the guarantee of individual freedom and states’ rights without which the US Constitution would not have been ratified.  

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights is a contract among the states and its citizens that created a federal government of limited powers.  As an entity created by the states, the federal government was not a party to the contract and its authority is clearly derived from the consent of the governed.  These founding documents are the social compact that binds us together, defines our societal expectations of equal opportunity, and has provided a general unity of our diverse population for over two centuries. 

There have been numerous contentious disputes in our history.  All but one was resolved in an acceptable manner, because the parties agreed to settle their differences within the framework of the social compact.  No matter how vitriolic and disagreeable the problem, there was a general desire to work within the social compact and abide by the words and intentions of our founding documents. 

There are, of course, lessons to be learned from our past.  Internal armed conflict and the irreparable fracturing of a nation is most likely to occur when the parties are geographically separated and when one side seeks to abridge or eliminate the constitutional rights of the other.  Between 1828 and 1860, those conditions lead to a devastating civil war in our country, North versus South.  From a historical perspective, the motives, intentions, and actions of those in power were complex and, sanitized for today’s political atmosphere, are now ignored and misunderstood.  Although the negative effects of that conflict persist, the nation did not break apart.

For those very same reasons, the United States is again on the precipice of disunion from which retreat by either side is unlikely.  Conservatives vigorously defend individual sovereignty and personal responsibility, while liberals advocate collective, not individual, rights and government control of every aspect of our society.  It is a stark contrast between Individualism and Collectivism. 

The critical factor, however, is that the threat we now face is global instead of just national.  The American progressive movement, founded over a century ago, is part of the worldwide socialist movement.  The diabolical goal of these international wealthy elitists is to rule the world for their own personal gain by imposing a one-world socialist tyranny on us all.  They are absolutely determined to lie, cheat, and steal to make fundamental changes in the social compact.  In addition, they continuously vilify, malign, and insult half the population that opposes the tyrannical governance they want.  This puts the globalists at odds with our nation’s history and has turned a normally vigorous political contest into a war for the survival of our national ideals.

Control of your “sovereignty units” is on the line.  The battle line has been clearly drawn.  The balance between government authority and the rights and powers of the individual is threatened.  As your “sovereignty units” are stripped from you by an increasingly aggressive collectivist minority, the tyrant will be standing at your door. 

That is the Flash Point, the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.  The philosophical descendants of Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, George Washington and all American Patriots must and will stand up and shout “ENOUGH!” 

And they will mean it.  You can count me in.  How about you?

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom.

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