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Governor Perdue Vetoes The Health Care Freedom Act (NC House Bill 2)

On Saturday, NC Governor Beverly Perdue chose to veto The Health Care Freedom Act (NC House Bill 2).  While her use of the executive veto is legitimate political action, in this instance it represents a wanton disregard for the wishes of a majority of our state’s legislators and citizens.

ObamaCare (HR 3590) prevents an individual from purchasing cost-effective health insurance tailored to his or her health status (section 2701) and requires them to obtain coverage for all risks regardless of personal exposure (section 1302).  The “Value-Based Payment Modifier” (section 3007) allows a group of fifteen unelected bureaucrats to decide what medical care regimen is permissible for each patient based on cost-effectiveness and provides for fines and incarceration of physicians who don’t comply.  The “Independent Payment Advisory Board” (section 3403) caps Medicare spending to a percentage of GDP at a time when the number of seniors covered by and entering the program is increasing.

“In spite of assurances from the Obama administration, it is unlikely that you will be able to keep your current health insurance policy or your personal physician.  As a 35-year medical professional whose first priority is to my patient, l find this completely unacceptable.”

The imposition of these and other regulations by this federal legislation constitutes a direct threat to the medical health and longevity of the citizens of North Carolina.  The Health Care Freedom Act (HB2) veto, if overridden, will protect individual health care rights for the citizens of North Carolina. More specifically, the Health Care Freedom Act represents North Carolina’s 10th Amendment responsibility to its citizens to nullify federal legislation that reaches beyond the scope of its enumerated powers; Article 1, Section 8. 

The Governor’s veto, coming on the heels of a meeting with President Obama and in contradiction to her previous position, does more to protect the dictates of her political party than the health care of North Carolinians.  Furthermore, it violates the US Government’s Service Code of Ethics’ first principle: “Any person in government service should put loyalty to the highest moral principles and to country above loyalty to government persons, party, or department.”

Governor Perdue’s veto of The Health Care Freedom Act must be overridden.  Please contact your representative in Raleigh and urge them to fight for North Carolina’s health care freedom. Three Senate Democrats with narrow 2010 victories are especially vulnerable and should be pressured to join the defense of our health care liberty: 

(22)  William D. Brisson / 919-733-5772 / [email protected]
(44)  Diane Parfitt  / 919-733-9892 / [email protected]
(45)  Rick Glazier  / 919-733-5601 / [email protected]

In addition, you may find my interview with Dr. Clare Gray, founder of Physicians For Reform, very enlightening and informative.  It can be viewed from site archives.

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