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Cycles of History Ignored – Selective Ignorance

Historians have incessantly warned us not to disregard the lessons of history lest we repeat failures that could have been avoided.  That indisputable admonition is commonly found in childhood parables, writings of scholars, clever sayings of gurus, and advice from our parents and elders.  Nevertheless, humanity has habitually and often flagrantly ignored the obvious realities of past misdeeds regardless of how costly or disastrous. 

A sober retrospective evaluation of mankind’s history, however, teaches us a valuable lesson.  Not everyone disregards the past. Evil never sleeps. 

There were only nine people at the funeral of Karl Marx, and the collectivist doctrine of his manifesto should have died with him.  Were it not for the members of the Fabian Socialist Society in Great Britain, Marx’s Communist Manifesto actually might have, possibly saving humanity from a century of oppression.  The Fabian Socialists and our own American Progressives, however, could not resist adopting a concept of governance that allowed them to rule over all of us peasants to satisfy their dreams of untold wealth and dictatorial power.  In their evil minds, they considered themselves so brilliant that they had the right to impose their world view on everyone. 

Using the Hegelian Dialectic (Thesis – Antithesis – Synthesis), the elite globalists have succeeded in advancing collectivist governance in America.  To begin the process, they would propose an extreme modification (Antithesis) to our current policy (Thesis).  When we objected, they would offer a concession (Synthesis) that moved us closer to their objective.  We compromised on every issue to avoid the stress and discomfort that is a necessary part of drawing a non-negotiable line in the sand.  Predictably, after each strategic loss we sat back down on the sofa, congratulating ourselves on avoiding conflict.  They used that time to plan the next confrontation, having learned how easily we had been tricked to move toward their position. 

That cycle of history, constantly repeated, has led to the gradual erosion of our individual freedom and the constitutionally guaranteed protections of the Bill of Rights.  Every compromise, every lapse of attention, and the empty promises of the lying politicians we believed with hope and optimism have only created division and hatred.  The American dream we sought to pass on to our progeny is uncertain, and the actual survival of our nation is in jeopardy.

In the past, our nation has faced existential dangers, but, like the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the threat was from a conventional military force from outside our borders.  Our enemy now is a domestic insurgency that seeks to destroy by insurrection the principles of individual freedom and national greatness in which we have believed and under which we have lived since our War of Independence.        

If our nation is to survive, patriots must stand up to break the cycle of compromise.  We cannot comply with the unconstitutional edicts of legislators and bureaucrats whose only interest is power and financial gain.  We have to vet candidates for honesty, demand adherence to the principles and written words of the Constitution, and require absolute accountability for their voting record in office.  We can no longer accept being ruled by arrogant elitists and their “useful idiot” allies who exempt themselves from the laws they require us to obey. 

It is, however, most important that we, as patriots, reach out to neighbors, friends, our children, and our grandchildren to teach them American history, engage in discussions about freedom, and help them understand the dismal failures of collectivism and tyranny.

Not everyone disregards the past.  Evil never sleeps.  It uses the lessons of past failures to achieve success in the future.

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!

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  1. ALSO read WAR CYCLES PEACE CYCLES BY RICHARD KELLY HOSKINS (1985) to further get rid of your SAM COOKE mentality (Don’t know NOTHING about History) !!!

  2. Those of us who even know a smidgen of ( true) history agree with you but we are sadly a dying breed.
    I’ve been telling “Christian” family ( even a preacher) that he is funding his own demise by continuing to give money to Apple, Amazon, ChickfilA and many other liberal entities. They just can’t give it up…it’s too important to them. Some people will not believe truth until it runs them over & then it will be too late. Hang on, it’s going to be a rough, wild ride.
    Nonetheless, God will be with those of us who know Him.

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