Climate Change

Ireland’s Climate Change Insanity

Earth’s climate has been constantly changing since our planet was created without any regard to what lifeforms inhabited its surface and the activities in which they engaged.  Species have either adapted to those changes or become extinct.  Outcome-based science serves only to justify the means to create global collectivist governance.

According to The Telegraph, Ireland’s government authorities are considering killing 200,000 cows over the next three years to combat climate change.  That initiative comes soon after the approval by the European Commission of a Dutch government plan to spend €1.47 billion to force livestock reductions by purchasing farmland (European Commission). 

Irish farms account for 37.5% of total emissions, consisting primarily of methane gas from belching grazing animals.

Under a new government plan, agriculture must reduce emissions by 25% by 2030. Other sectors face even higher targets – transport must reduce emissions by 50%, commercial and public buildings by 40% – but the loudest protests have come from farmers.

Carroll, Rory. “Irish farmers say they will be forced to cull cows to meet climate targets.” The Guardian, August 29, 2022

America’s “climate change warriors” John Kerry, Al Gore, and Bill Gates are, of course, heavily involved in similar efforts on an international basis, which means this idiocy may soon be coming to America as well. 

American billionaire hypocrites seem to have no problem funding initiatives with the potential to cause disease, mass starvation, and the premature death of millions of people.  It’s difficult to ignore the lingering illness, death, and societal breakdown caused by the Covid pandemic and the medically dangerous and ineffective vaccines they tried to make mandatory.  The open border policy of our current federal government has allowed a massive influx into the US of unskilled illegals of unknown origin and health status and given them access to government benefits paid for by American taxpayers.  And now we also face a direct attack on farmers, ranchers, and agriculture on a worldwide scale that will most certainly lead to hunger, malnutrition, and death by starvation. 

John Kerry recently claimed that 33% of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere comes from food production for human consumption.  Since the total greenhouse gas attributable to all human activity is only 5% of the total, it is obviously permissible to exaggerate or fabricate any number if it supports the green agenda.  Man-made greenhouse gases, even if totally eliminated, can never achieve any significant reduction in overall global temperature, because they are such a small percentage of the total.  Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide will lead to a significant decrease in plant growth on which all humans and animals rely as a source of food.  At the current level of carbon dioxide (440 parts per million), we are barely able to feed earth’s population.  Of course, one would have to have passed third grade biology to know that.

Nevertheless, Bill Gates and others are funding the manufacture of kelp-based feed for cattle and gas masks to be place on calves at birth to eliminate burping.  Originally, we were told that bovine flatulence was the problem, but apparently bovine burping is a major source of methane gas. 

Having lots of money allows the global elite to buy politicians and, thereby, gain access to the wheels of power.  It also endows them with the arrogance to think that they have the right to force the rest of us to live under an agenda of collectivist poverty to which they are and will be immune.  Gates has concocted a plan to have airplanes disperse chemicals in the air to dim the sun to see if it will reduce temperatures.  He won’t ask for permission to experiment on our families, but I am sure nothing will be sprayed over his mansion.      

In order to achieve their “net-zero” goal, the global elite believe every draconian restriction on the American economy and our nation’s future must be on the table regardless of scientific validity and potential negative consequences.  They have openly speculated that the ideal global population would be around 500 million people.  You can bet they plan to be part of that number . . . but not you and me. 

The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false front for the urge to rule.

H. L. Mencken

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!

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  1. Dr. Dan:

    We just experienced the coldest first few days of June ever. It got down to 34 degrees in some places in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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