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  1. In regards to Nullification, Decentralization, and Secession, realignment of states is another vital avenue to preserving our endangered liberty.

    Conservative/right libertarian Counties, Towns and Neighborhoods must declare economic independence from the leftist metropolitan areas.

    There are myriad efforts across the American landscape to realign states. Patriots in Weld County, Colorado want to secede and join Wyoming. Vexit encourages rural Virginia counties to join West Virginia. Eastern Oregon counties are voting on whether to join a “Greater Idaho”. Among others.

    These efforts, while noble, are disparate. We’re all trying to obtain the same objective: preservation of constitutional liberties in the face of tyrannical Statism. Yet we’re not communicating or coordinating. Our Patriot ancestors did not fight alone: the colonies stood together, united. So too should contemporary movements for liberty.

    Would you cover these various movements and consider interviewing the leadership? Thank you and God bless.

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