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A Republic If You Can Keep It

Now that the Global Elite and their allies have seized the reins of power, patriots of all backgrounds must unite to find the methods and means to restore to each state a republican form of government as guaranteed by the Constitution.  Traditionally, we have used the ballot box to hold politicians accountable for their legislative actions.  The infusion of huge amounts of money into the political process effectively eliminates the ability of common folks to have an impact on election outcomes.  Large multinational corporations and wealthy individuals spend millions of dollars on electing a candidate to a position that pays far less than what is spent on the campaign.  Those donations purchase access to the wheels of government and allow for corruption and theft of public funds to a degree beyond imagination.  This travesty occurs at all levels of government and for all elected positions, creating a perpetual ruling class that is bought and paid for by those campaign donors.   

Our Constitution was written by a group of men whose goal was to create a contract for our new nation that provided national unity strong enough to protect the whole and yet allowed individual states to maintain their own sovereignty.  Each delegate came with his own ideas of what that agreement should include and what provisions would not be acceptable.  Nevertheless, they also realized the need for compromise to provide for a stable but limited central government that would protect the rights and freedoms of each citizen and simultaneously allow the existence of popular majority rule. 

Benjamin Franklin defended the concessions everyone made by saying, ” . . . when you assemble a number of men to have the advantage of their joint wisdom, you inevitably assemble with those men, all their prejudices, their passions, their errors of opinion, their local interests, and their selfish views.”  They overcame those differences out of concern for the inevitable chaos and fragmentation that would occur if agreement couldn’t be reached.  There was, however, no guarantee that the union could be held together by words on paper.  When asked what form of government the delegates had created, Franklin famously said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”  His simple response contained the warning that the ability to maintain a stable government based on the “consent of the governed” required the active involvement of informed citizens. 

Our founders understood that human history on Earth was plagued by the perpetual conflict of good versus evil and tried to set the balance in favor of noble and virtuous behaviors.  They could not have predicted the persistent actions by men of evil intent to subvert the words of the Constitution for their own selfish intentions.  We stand on the edge of the abyss today for that very reason.  The Global Elite have an insatiable greed for self-enrichment and a lust for power to control humanity.  They will never stop their quest to destroy our nation from within to achieve their agenda.

It has become increasingly apparent that new and unique initiatives are required to give us the opportunity to restore our constitutional republic and preserve freedom for ourselves and our progeny. Not every option is desirable, and it is essential that we examine both the positive and negative aspects of each option. 

In that spirit, Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum and Freedom Forum Radio will interview proponents of various solutions to our current national crisis.  Interviewees are asked to explain their proposed plans so that the rest of us can understand their goals and the means necessary to achieve them.  Commentary and discussions are an attempt to clarify what is proposed and provide additional information to make informed decisions.  Dr. Dan, Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum, and Freedom Forum Radio do not endorse, approve, or disapprove of any ideas or plan discussed.

The Jural Assembly movement is one such plan to restore a constitutional republican government to each state and ultimately to the nation as a whole.  Proponents discuss the basis of property rights dating back to English law and define individual rights as divine and guaranteed by those traditions.  They generally believe that the original Constitution formed an unincorporated United States and was valid until South Carolina seceded from the union, breaking the original compact of sovereign states.  The corporate nation reformed by Abraham Lincoln, “The United States,” is therefore operating illegally under the “color of law.” 

The Jural Assembly plan is to reorganize each function of government using citizens with property rights by common consent.  There is a published step-by-step plan that must be followed.  Each step is announced publicly, and the current (de facto) government is given a time limit to dispute the claims.  If there is no response, the citizen-based governmental unit is considered to be legal (de jure) and the goal accomplished:

The chronological order is important except if you do them all together: First we Assembled as in Amendment I, then we formed our Jury Pool, The we claimed our Civilian Court of record, implemented ex parte Milligan and nullified/martial law/Lieber code/FEMA, then we declared ARTICLE I Section 1, the we called a Grand Jury, then we formed our Article III one supreme Court claiming original jurisdiction found in our Amendment VII court whose jury verdict has no appeal in law.  Common law is found in Amendment VII, otherwise we have Constitutional law of The United States of America of which we are third party beneficiaries circa 1859 and Oregon’s Constitution of which we are part to circa 1859.  De jour is Constitutional not common law that is Amendment VII.  All of those actions are signed, sealed, stamped, witnessed and with proof of service. 

Ron Vrooman, Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly

As previously stated, proponents make declarations, giving established authorities a specific time to respond.  If no response is received, they contend that what they have said in the documents is true and cannot be further challenged.  For instance, they formed a citizen grand jury and now consider it to be a legal entity because no government officials refused to accept it.

In essence, the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly is a shadow government in the state of Oregon that members believe is the true and legal government of the state, as it has not been challenged by the current elected government.  It appears that the overall plan is to convene a convention in Philadelphia of Jural Assemblies of the thirty-three states that were in existence in 1859.  Such a convention would re-form the unincorporated United States based on the Constitution of that time, without the amendments that were added thereafter.

Dr. Dan invites you to comment on

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!

Dr. Dan’s guests on Freedom Forum Radio this weekend are Charlie White, Director of the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly, and Ron Vrooman, Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly member and spokesman. We will discuss how they have formed the Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly and are using the US Constitution to take back the country, one state assembly at a time. Their movement is gaining ground across Oregon and the internet with their presentations about exposing fraudulent and corrupt government oversight and taking back the rights of the people of Oregon.

Charlie White
Charlie White, Director, Oregon Statewide Jural Assembly
Ron Vrooman
Ron Vrooman, Statewide Jural Assembly
member and spokesman

Don’t miss part one of this four-part interview beginning this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, May 13-14, on WJRB 95.1 FM and streamed live over the Internet.

Part two streams Saturday and Sunday, May 20-21
Part three streams Saturday and Sunday, May 27-28
Part four streams Saturday and Sunday, June 3-4

Streaming times are Saturday at 8:00 am and 9:30 am and Sunday at 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm.  All programs are available by podcast following air time here.

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