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To Protect and Defend: Local Sheriffs Take a Stand

Dr Dan’s Freedom Forum recently attended a Second Amendment Symposium featuring three local county sheriffs:

Sheriff Mack Mason of Union County, GA

Chief Deputy Joe Wood of Cherokee County, NC

Sheriff Chris Clinton of Towns County, GA

The event was attended by over two hundred fifty concerned citizens who asked the question, “What does the Second Amendment mean to you as a county sheriff?”

Part One of Matt Bracken’s interview on Freedom Forum Radio aired the weekend of March 23/24. Because of your enthusiastic response, we decided to re-run Part One this past weekend. The remaining portions of Matt’s interview will be aired as follows:

  • Part Two – April 6/7
  • Part Three – April 13/14

As always, Matt’s entire three part interview will be available as PodCasts after the final episode has aired.

It’s an honor to have Matt Bracken as my guest on Freedom Forum Radio for the next three weekends:  March 23-24, March 30-31, and April 13/14. Listen to PODCAST.

Tune in at WJRB-FM 95.1 FM or LISTEN LIVE on the Internet.   After the third part of this series airs on April 13, the entire interview will be available via PODCAST.

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  1. A great meeting…all three are firmly rooted in the belief that they are elected by and responsable to: We the People. I was impressed by their candor, intelligence and knowledge of the Constitution. Our Counties are in good hands and I feel they have our backs…We need to have theirs.

  2. Yes, we have three sheriffs in our local area who respect and understand their oath to protect and defend the US and NC Constitutions and that they work for We the People. Thanks so much for attending the meeting.

  3. i just wanted to thank doctor dan for all his hard work to protect our freedoms, i also want to thank all the personel at the cherokee sheriff dept for keeping us safe.
    sheriff lovin and all the deputies, depatchers, jailers are doing a tremendous job………and i thank god each day for living here and for the safety they provide us.
    happy independence day yall

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