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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGuns in the hands of individual citizens represent the greatest single threat to tyrants . . .  And they know it.  Without the Second Amendment, the remainder of the Constitution is unenforceable, since the federal government’s primary interest is increasing its power over the rights and freedom of the individual.

With the mounting pressure for gun registration and confiscation from an administration with a totalitarian agenda, citizens must actively support county sheriffs who are willing to stand up to protect our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Elected by the people of the county, the sheriff derives his authority from the people and is responsible directly to them.

The citizens of Western North Carolina, North Georgia, and East Tennessee are fortunate to have sheriffs who have stated publicly that they will protect our right to keep and bear arms regardless of unconstitutional restrictive gun laws, rules, or regulations that any governmental entity may attempt to impose.

Special guest on Freedom Forum Radio for the next four weeks is Cherokee County Sheriff Keith Lovin.  Sheriff Lovin was born and raised in Cherokee County and shares with the county’s citizens an understanding of the importance of our Second Amendment rights as the only way to protect private property rights, personal safety, and individual freedom.

During this in-depth interview, Dr Dan will discuss with Sheriff Lovin:

  • The constitutional basis for and the importance of gun ownership as a part of our national heritage, as well as the provisions contained in gun-related legislation already passed, currently pending, and no longer being considered in the North Carolina legislature this year.
  • Citizen recording of police activity during routine traffic stops, procedures for handling citizen complaints about deputies, and the militarization of police that has already resulted in numerous examples of overreach and abuse of police power.
  • Protecting the local citizens in situations of civil unrest, specifically obtaining the assistance and cooperation of county citizens.

Freedom Forum Radio is proud to present this important interview as part of our commitment to provide information, skills, and knowledge to our listeners to maintain individual freedom and protect our constitutional republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum Radio can be heard live on WJRB 95.1 FM or on the Internet.   The programs airs four times each weekend:  Saturday at 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM and on   Sunday at 2:30 PM and 7:00 PM.   The entire interview will be available on podcast after it is completed.

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  1. Dr. Dan: Many thanks to you and to Sheriff Keith Lovin for the great work you do and the support you continue to provide for our 2nd amendment rights (and ALL of our Constitutional Rights). It is time for us as citizen sentinels to push back against the rampant disregard of our freedoms by the imperial federal government, and we can best do that at the local level… indeed, it may be the ONLY way we have left to protect our God-given and sovereign rights in this [once, and hopefully again soon] great nation. We are all blessed to have you in our community.

  2. As always, Andy, I appreciate your kind comments. We are all in this together.

  3. Hey Dan! Thanks for being so proactive in guarding the 2nd Amendment…one of our God given rights. It is people like you, 912 group that will safe guard our rights when others want to limit them or even abolish them. We are doing our part in Cherokee County by arming WNC and also teaching the NC Concealed Weapons class. Thanks for ALL your efforts! Doc – Cherokee Guns – Murphy, NC

  4. Amen and amen
    The minute that our right to bear arms is completely extinguished. So will the constitution . And the true socialist agenda will be wide open .
    If you oppose anything the imperial federal gov says or does you will either just disappear or there will be open execution
    Dear God forgive us for our sins

  5. Excellent, how about a statement from the Sheriff in EACH county, giving his position on several gun control issues: Does he (or she) want more gun control laws?, His position on background checks (which will inevitability morph into National Registration, a prelude to gun confiscation). His view as to Supremacy and does he have the guts to confront Federal enforcement (Supremacy deals with the issue of who will enforce the law). I have great respect For our sherif (Transylvania but have never been able to draw him out see issues (undoubtedly for Political reasons).

  6. Thank you, Dr. Dan for your proactive work in behalf of the Second Amendment and the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights. A true patriot.
    God bless you
    Linda J Morris

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