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Four Words – Weapon of Media Lies

Tyrants and dictators have long understood that control of public information is essential to maintain power.  Historically, news was spread by word of mouth, public oration by the town crier, or the posting of printed notices in the town square.  In our time, the speed and reach of all communication has been enormously increased by a large variety of devices that are part of the digital Internet and social media information platform. 

What has never changed, however, is the Machiavellian manipulation of words and phrases to obscure and even conceal the truth.  The purpose is not to educate, notify, or stimulate logical thought, but to restrict the thought process, limit debate, and thereby dominate the philosophy and actions of individuals and groups.  It is a deceitful process by which individual freedom is stolen by tyrants using the power of the ignorant majority.

Without actually telling a lie, the ultimate prize is to convince a large audience that something you know to be false is absolutely true.  Once the successful word formula is devised, minimal phrase changes create multiple different accusations.  The ruse is so artful that mesmerized people accept the result as confirmed fact.  This device has been used repeatedly in an attempt to destroy President Trump’s credibility with susceptible voting blocs on key issues. 

The word formula consists of three parts:

  1. Allegation by confidential anonymous sources
  2. Qualifying phrase
  3. Indictment

In practice, the formula looks like this:

  1. Anonymous sources have told us that Trump did/said . . .
  2. If this is true . . .
  3. Trump is guilty of . . .

The use of “confidential sources” is the media’s tool to prevent verification of the allegations.  The allegation leads directly to the indictment, because the qualifying phrase, “if this is true”, is usually overlooked, ignored, or quickly forgotten.  As a result, large groups of voters believe that President Trump colluded with Russia to win the election in 2016 and that he is responsible for thousands of deaths by his mishandling of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Neither is true.

To be fair and unbiased, the media would have to report the news only after verifying the accuracy of the facts used.  In America today, of course, that just will not happen.  So, we will have to do their job for them.

Anonymous sources have told us that Joe Biden’s Brain MRI shows extensive loss of substance in the cerebral cortex consistent with advanced Alzheimers Disease.

If this is true . . . the Democrat plan is for Biden to resign immediately after his inauguration so that Kamala Harris and the ultra-liberal socialists can take over control of the executive branch.  In fact, both Biden and Harris have publicly referred to themselves as the “Harris-Biden” ticket.

Anonymous sources in a secret memo have told us that Joe Biden and his son Hunter are receiving millions of campaign dollars from the Communist government of China in return for promises to send advanced military technology to the Chinese Communist regime. 

If this is true . . . Biden and his son are guilty of high treason against the United States.

Anonymous sources have told us that George Soros, through numerous shell corporations and with the knowledge of Joe Biden and his campaign leaders, are funding and directing the violent actions of Antifa and Black Lives Matter to destroy American cities. 

If this is true . . . Soros and Biden are guilty of operating an illegal racketeering network and are subject to arrest and asset seizure under the RICO laws.

In the First Amendment to the US Constitution, our founders prohibited government from abridging “the freedom of speech, or of the press” to ensure full access to honest and reliable information by the public. It was, in fact, expected that The Press, the “Media” today, be the “gold standard” of truth above all other sources of gossip and misinformation. 

When the Media is no longer the independent purveyor of fact, it is viewed with contempt as a caricature of fiction. 

Or worse, in the hands of tyrants, it becomes the tool of oppression.

Resist Tyranny!    

Del Wilber

Dr. Dan’s guest on Freedom Forum Radio this weekend is counter-terrorism expert Del Wilber. Wilber has over thirty years of experience in Security and Counterterrorism as a former Intelligence Officer serving with the Central Intelligence Agency and the Department of Defense in Eastern and Western Europe, the Middle East, and in law enforcement. His expertise took him to Iraq from 2004-2007 where he served as an advisor for counterterrorism and counter-IED operations to the Commanding General, U.S. Army Multi-National Corps – Iraq.

In the Shadow of the Swords

Wilber also served as the Counterterrorism Advisor and Intelligence Consultant to the State Investigative and Protection Agency (SIPA) for the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the autonomous Republik of Srpska, and provided training to the security and intelligence services of the United Arab Emirates. 

Wilber’s new book, In the Shadow of the Swords: the Baghdad Police Academy, recounts his experience in Baghdad helping to train the Iraqi National Police. The book will be released on Amazon on October 31, 2020.

This fascinating interview begins this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, September 19-20, on WJRB 95.1 FM and streamed live over the Internet. All programs are available by podcast following air time here.   

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  1. Thanks for shining light into the darkness. Have u had or if not can u have Alex Jones on ur program? Or John B Wells? They r running the banner also!

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