Mike Ross – Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor of North Carolina

The concepts of individual freedom, personal responsibility, limited government, free market economy, and private property were the philosophy of our nation’s founders and the foundational principles of our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Today, these constitutional protections are being ridiculed, ignored, abused, altered, and eradicated by the elected and appointed government officials whose primary ambition is self-enrichment and a lust for power. 

Election to public office, especially on the national stage, requires enormous amounts of money.  With that money comes unprecedented levels of corruption.  Studying the words, actions, and voting records of members of Congress, one reaches the unescapable conclusion is that most, both Democrats and Republicans, have been bought and paid for.  We the People are now ruled by puppets whose strings are controlled by wealthy donors, political action committees, and large international corporations.  As a group, they now constitute the “Uni-Party”.    

When the established government is out of control and unresponsive to the rights of its people, rational citizens seek to replace the corrupt government with one that will obey the Constitution and the rule of law.  Since the election of President Ulysses S. Grant in 1868, America has been almost exclusively a two-party political system in which Democrats and Republicans have shared virtually all the power.  Contentious times, however, often serve as the incentive for the resurgence of small political parties and the formation of new ones.

The Libertarian Party maintains that the dominant Republican and Democratic parties have diverged from the libertarian principles of the American Founding Fathers.  The Libertarian Party of the United States was formed in Colorado Springs in the home of Luke Zell by a group of individuals led by David Nolan on December 11, 1971.  The formation was prompted in part by price controls and the end of the Gold Standard implemented by President Richard Nixon.  

Mike Ross is running for Governor of the State of North Carolina under the banner of and as a member of the Libertarian Party.  On his website, firetheuniparty.com, Mike Ross explains his reason for undertaking this challenger on our behalf:

We all see how bad things have gotten – the polarization of the country, the ideological capture of our institutions, and the charade of “governing” our politicians play. We all want something different. So, let’s vote for something different.

Mike Ross, Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor of North Carolina

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!

Mike Ross
Mike Ross, Libertarian Party Candidate
Governor of North Carolina

Dr. Dan’s guest on Freedom Forum Radio this weekend Mike Ross, Libertarian Party Candidate for Governor of North Carolina. We will discusses his Platform and how the principles of the Libertarian Party can be used to solve problems and improve the quality and responsiveness of government.  

Mike Ross has lived in the Charlotte area for more than two decades with his wife of 18 years and their son. He obtained degrees in business and finance before becoming a Certified Financial Planner.

After getting his start in tech, he began working in the corporate sector in the early 2000s until he left to start “My Money Coach” in 2018 to help provide quality financial advice to people of all economic backgrounds.

Using the Golden Rule as his guide, he works hard to provide for his family and to help others in need.

His modesty and selfless attitude have led him to become active in his community, non-profit groups, and movements like the Sunshine Project.

When he is not running his business, homeschooling his son, or working with various groups that serve those in need, he and his family enjoy spending time attending church, going to the gun range, and having family nights at their Gaston County home.

Episode one of this fascinating interview airs on Saturday and Sunday, June 10-11, on WJRB 95.1 FM and is streamed live over the Internet.

Episode #2:  June 17-18

Episode #3:  June 24-25

Episode #4:  July 1-2

Streaming times are Saturday at 8:00 am and 9:30 am and Sunday at 2:30 pm and 7:00 pm.  All programs are available by podcast following air time here.

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