E129: Hal Shurtleff – Christian Flag Banned in Boston

E128: Howard Hutchinson – Freedom is not a Government Program

127: LTC Bobby Brookshire – Veterans Day

E126: Christian Di Spigna – My Name Is Dr. Joseph Warren

E125: Jane Hughes, MD – We Can Safely Re-Open Our Schools

E124: J. Christian Adams – Election Integrity and Your Freedom

E123: Sheriff Derrick Palmer – Law Enforcement in a Rural County

E122: Dr. Dan Eichenbaum – Butterflies and Boris the Clown

E121: Dr. Dan Eichenbaum – Memorial Day Monolog

E120: Jim Chilton – Outpost on the Southern Border

E119: Richard Salazar – Free Speech and the Information Monopoly

E118: Andrew Clyde – US Congressman, GA-9

E117: Howard Lichtman – Victimless Crimes Make Everyone A Victim

E116: Michele Woodhouse – Candidate for NC 11 GOP Chairwoman

E115: Tom Luongo – Options for America’s Future

E114: James Bolton – Paul Revere’s Lesson For America

E113: Bob Levy – Our American Nightmare

E112: Daniel Bobinski – Seven Predictions for How 2020 Comes to an End

E111: Keith Broaders – The Intent of Our Founding Fathers

E110: Del Wilber – Remember the Heroes of Benghazi

E109:Sheriff Derrick Palmer – National Police Force: Protector Of Tyrants

E108:Bob Levy – The Constitution, Individual Rights, And COVID-19 Restrictions

E107: Ken Henderson for Towns County Sheriff

E106: Paul Valone – The Pandemic Dictatorship

E105: Madison Cawthorn – Send A Fighter To Congress

E104: Amanda McGee and Andria Duncan – The Successful Resolution of DSS Issues In Cherokee County

E103: Vance Patterson – US Congressional Candidate, NC11

E102: Colin McWay – American Principles Defined And Guaranteed By Our Constitution

E101: Anna Tillman – Science vs. the Church of Climate Change
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