Agenda 21 for Change
Agenda 21 Today
Agenda 21 and the Climate Change Lie
Agenda 21 – Vision for the 21st Century
American Policy Center
American Thinker
The Common Sense Show
Defend Rural America
Democrats Against Agenda 21
End of the American Dream
Freedom Advocates
Freedom Foundation
The Green Agenda
Goodbye Property Rights – Dr. Michael Coffman
International Domination of US Environmental Law and Private Property
The John Birch Society
Resist 21
Sustainable Development vs. Private Property Rights, Henry Lamb
Taking Liberty – How Private Property is Being Abolished in America
Tea Party 911
United Nations Sustainable Development – Conference 1992


Agenda 21 for Dummies
ICLEI Agenda 21
ICLEI, Agenda 21 and Farming

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  1. Property rights are Human Rights. Owning property limits/prevents dependency on government and tyrants/tyrant wannabes.

    Great website!

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