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Runaway Train

Analysis of various strategies to restore America reveal common themes.  Regardless of where the blame lies, most reformers agree that the federal government has usurped powers well beyond what the US Constitution allows.  The bureaucrats of illegally created federal agencies, the federal judiciary, Congress, and the executive branch all enact legislation and regulations that take power away from the states and their citizens.  Elected officials are bought and paid for by special interest groups, PACs, and lobbyists who fund election campaigns to gain access to the machinery of government for power and self-enrichment.  The government, therefore, has become totally corrupt, incapable of honesty, and unable to indict and punish its own members guilty of immoral and illegal behavior.   

America is on a rapidly accelerating downward spiral toward economic and societal destruction.  That fact is undeniable.  We are the actors and actresses in a stage play titled “Our American Tragedy,” and the final chapter is yet to be written.  As participants, some have already chosen a role, and others have yet to opt in or out.  Nevertheless, eventually everyone has a part to play.  We are all passengers on the same Runaway Train heading toward the dark chasm of tyranny and loss of freedom.     

As the train travels relentlessly along the rails, observers standing along the tracks would certainly have numerous comments, explanations, and questions to consider.  Why is this happening?  Will it eventually crash?  Will that affect our lives?  Can the train be stopped in time?  And, most importantly, what should I, personally, be doing?

The truth, of course, can be found in the study of World History, ancient and modern, and in American History.  We are in the midst of a familiar pattern of a society’s birth, growth, maturation, corruption, failure, and destruction.  It is a cycle of history that has been repeated continuously since the beginning of recorded time.  We are all participating in an inevitable sequence of events that humanity never seems to remember or learn from. 

In this scenario, many people, often a majority, choose to drop out, tune out, and disregard what is happening under their noses.  They are truly ignorant of the potential consequences.  Clearly, they are just along for the ride.

Some people become obsessed with the chain of incidents that led to the current crisis.  Since there are always multiple opinions about what really happened and who is at fault, these groups become adversarial and get into interminable and meaningless arguments that never can be resolved. 

Then there are groups of well-meaning individuals that form to propose solutions.  Most of these efforts serve mainly to satisfy the egos of the group members, and usually the schemes they propose are in fact no better than trying to cover gaping wounds with Band-Aids 

There are, however, always a few innovators who devise clever solutions that could actually work.  Their success, of course, depends on how fast the train is traveling, how close it is to the cliff edge at the end of the line, and what unexpected external events beyond their control might occur to alter the outcome. 

This group of innovators are, individually and collectively, the best option to regain control of the train and prevent catastrophe.  And herein also lies their obstacle.  America has a large population and land mass.  There are many intelligent people in America who, after understanding and evaluating the problem, formulate effective solutions.  That means that multiple action plans are developed at the same time in different locations that are in whole or in part the same.  Reaching a unified strategy requires a willingness to compromise followed by delicate negotiations under stressful or even precarious conditions. 

Our founders created a constitutional republic to protect the rights of the minority from the mob rule of a democracy.  The use of group identity politics has allowed the government to gradually shift electoral power to a simple majority of the population, creating a ruling majority mob that oppresses the minority.  As a result, the Natural Law Rights of individual citizens are being ignored, diminished, and abolished in direct contradiction to the specific words of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Reformers generally consider the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be a contract among the voluntarily consenting states by which a federal government of defined limited power was created as a separate entity, not as a party to the agreement.  The thrust of reform, therefore, is to promote and reestablish self-governance as originally intended by our founders and thereby return ultimate power to We the People.  To achieve that objective, We the People must:

  • Establish legal judicial power over the government
  • Enforce legal judicial power over the government
  • Reduce the power of the federal government to constitutional limits
  • Eliminate federal agencies that are not constitutionally legitimate
  • Eliminate the influence of money and its corruption of officials
  • Eliminate the power of bureaucrats to illegally make law
  • Reestablish the power of people over government officials
  • Bring power back to local jurisdictions
  • Reestablish protection for the Natural Law Rights of individuals
  • Reestablish individual responsibility
  • Eliminate group identity as a justification for special treatment
  • Establish term limits for holders of elected office

We have obviously been sitting on the sofa far too long.  The forces of evil have been working with little opposition for decades to destroy America as we know it.   If we unite and commit ourselves to achieve these goals, we might still be able to preserve our freedom and the Constitutional Republic our founders gave us.  It is an ambitious project, and success is not guaranteed.  We may all be passengers on the same Runaway Train, but it is our children and grandchildren who will pay the price for our failure.

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!

David Zuniga
David Zuniga, Founder of Tactical Civics
and noted author

Dr. Dan’s guest on Freedom Forum Radio this weekend is David Zuniga, author of numerous books among them, Grand Jury Awake, The People’s Panel, and The Great We-Set.  He is also the founder of Tactical Civics, a strategy to resurrect the constitutional republic given to us by our founders 240 years ago and a battle plan for re-instituting the Founders original vision of self-governance.

Episode one of this fascinating interview airs on Saturday and Sunday, August 19-20, on WJRB 95.1 FM and is streamed live over the Internet.

Episode #2:  August 26-27
Episode #3:  September 2-3
Episode #4:  September 9-10
Episode #5:  September 16-17

Air times are Saturday, 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM, and Sunday, 2:30 PM and 7:00 PM. All programs are available by podcast following airtime here.

Tactical Civics Plan of Action Phase I and Phase II

These United States of America are a unique republic in world history.

WHO IS THE BOSS in our constitutional republic? We are! But only collectively; not as individual ‘sovereign citizens’, a loopy label for anarchy. In the preamble to the Constitution, we clearly stipulate, “We the People . . . do ordain . . . ,” and in the 10th Amendment, we stipulate that We the People retain all powers that we don’t delegate to our servants in the Constitution . . .

But our servants have stolen that right for themselves; 75% of present federal agencies, bureaus, offices, regulations, and projects are illegal. And DC is not only criminal; it’s criminogenic (teaches states, counties, cities, and school districts to be criminal, too).

In our Constitution, We the People create, define, and limit our federal servants but those limits only hold if We the People enforce that supreme law. As its creators, We the People are the only human power above our Constitution to enforce it. Yet we never have! But now, after 80,000 hours of R&D, Tactical Civics™, with chapters in over 600 counties in all 50 states, offers a full-spectrum solution. We plan 3,141 chapters, one per county. Then, after Our First Right (see below) we will expand to 6,500 chapters.

Grand Jury Ordinances

Grand Jury, a thousand-year-old institution we inherited from England, is part of our Common Law system and a key institution that we stipulate in our Constitution. Corrupt judges and prosecutors have turned Grand Jury into their rubber stamp, yet the authority of We the People to investigate crime when seated as Grand Jurors is essentially unlimited. Our network of chapters will get County Grand Jury Ordinances enacted to establish educated Grand Juries operating independently of prosecutors and judges, as they should.

County Militia Ordinances

In our Constitution, we stipulate that Militia will “execute the Laws of the Union”. Law enforcement is a state and local responsibility; we never authorized federal law enforcement (e.g., FBI, ATF, etc.). We stipulate that states must appoint Militia officers and provide training, but no state is doing so. Tactical Civics™ will push through a County Militia Ordinance to legitimize each Militia so they can assist Grand Jury and provide law enforcement alongside paid agencies. The Militia will coordinate with local government except in cases when it is supporting a Grand Jury investigating that government.

Our First Right

This is our action project to finish ratification by 27 more states of the first Article in the original Bill of Rights, requiring congressional districts not exceeding 50,000 people. Ratified by 11 states, Our First Right will give America’s 31,000+ small towns their first voice in over a century in the U.S. House and the Electoral College. The big cities will no longer control our elections and Congress, and small districts will make it affordable for average Americans to run for Congress as statesmen rather than career lapdogs of industry and globalists.

The Bring Congress Home Act

Reducing district size to 50,000 people will result in about 6,500 congressmen. The Capitol building and the congressional offices in DC will not accommodate nearly this many; so we will work to get most of our new representatives to agree, in writing, to help enact our Bring Congress Home Act, stipulating that Congress will meet by Internet, working from modest offices in their home towns, under the watchful eyes of the People they represent, rather than under the thumb of lobbyists. They will no longer abandon their families and businesses to be corrupted by DC organized crime. House and Senate will be limited to two terms.

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  1. We must eliminate the avenues and process where individuals, and entities, of great wealth, BUY government.

  2. Dr. Dan,

    This was probably one of the best newsletters and article you wrote as a lead into the interview with David. I think I have goosebumps. I just forwarded the newsletter to Cal Wolcott, our SE Regional Coordinator, Robert Drake, and David Zuniga. It also went out to my local members and to visitors who have not joined yet. Things are really starting to look like they’re on the move now and we owe a lot to your contribution. Thanks so much for what you’ve done. Gotta save this Republic.

  3. If anyone listening would be interested in learning more and possibly joining like minded individuals, the local chapters of Tactical Civics, being Union, Fannin, and Towns counties in Georgia plus Cherokee and Clay counties in North Carolina, meets on the last Saturday of each month at G&G Bakery in Blairsville, GA at 10AM. The next seminar is on August 26th when we will be discussing the aspects of Tactical Civics, how this Republic got to this point and why our well orchestrated plan could be the answer that most people have been looking for. Great program this morning Dr. Dan and I look forward to the next 4 broadcasts. This is just what “We The People” need right now.

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