School by Family is the Nemesis of Tyranny

The absolute goal of totalitarian indoctrination is to completely dissolve parent-child emotional dependency and achieve control of the child’s mind.  In our public schools, the globalists’ tool of choice today is Social Emotional Learning (SEL).

A child’s basic moral and intellectual principles are formed during the first five to ten years of life.  When the nuclear family structure was the norm in American society, a child’s father, mother, and grandparents were the first significant sources of education and knowledge.  That extended family unit provided the child with security, rules for living peacefully with others, and served as a living example of moral and acceptable behavior in society.  A child raised to understand right and wrong with a basic set of educational tools is the nemesis of tyranny. 

Tyrants do not have difficulty taking children away from their parents for indoctrination.  They use dictatorial decrees and the threat of violence to remove children from parental care.    

In America, the gradual separation of children from their parents was accomplished by stealth and subterfuge.  Isn’t that always how the collectivist elite win?  They attacked the American family structure with easy divorce and used the concept of “feminism” to convince mothers there was more to life than staying home with children.  Pre-school and early daycare, often subsidized by the government, provided added incentive for parents to allow strangers access to the early learning process.  The prospect of working in an “adult environment” and the additional income appealed to women’s newly created self-entitlement concept. 

Initially, new educational programs were depicted as modern advances, designed to prepare kids for the computer age.  Children appeared to be learning numbers, letters, word recognition, reading, and math concepts at an earlier age.  Government education experts predicted a generation of American students with the superior talents necessary to become world leaders in business and industry. 

What could be wrong with that?  On the surface, nothing.  It appeared to be the answer to every parent’s desire that their children be successful in life. 

The purpose of altering basic educational methods, well-hidden at the time, is now as obvious as the collectivist agenda it enables.  Indoctrination of children requires that they be separated from the influences of their parents.  The “new math” is a perfect example.  Parents were taught practical math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) and how to use those functions along with simple algebra to solve real world problems.  The “new math” taught students to use theoretical math concepts to manipulate numbers without necessarily getting a useful answer.  Playing with numbers theoretically by students is inconsistent with using practical math to buy a cheeseburger.  Parents would ask their kids, “what did you learn in school today?”  Unfortunately, many parents couldn’t understand the answer but didn’t have the spine to confront the teachers.

This condensed abstract of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is part of Rhonda Thomas’ interview on Freedom Forum Radio:

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is psychological warfare on our children.   It is designed to destabilize our children’s emotions to modify their values, their behaviors, their beliefs, and their attitudes.   It helps them find their identity.  It doesn’t matter what that identity is.  It can be homosexuality.  It can be a “furry”.  It can be an anime character.  It can be whatever the child wants it to be, and SEL affirms it without parental consultation or consent.   The entire program was conceived to disconnect the parent from the child.    

SEL is the delivery system to bring Marxist ideologies into the school curriculum all throughout the day.  SEL promotes diversity, equity, inclusion, critical race theory, social justice, climate change, and one world governance as part of your child’s educational experience.   United Nations propaganda identifies SEL as the next world religion and the pathway to global citizenship.   

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is funded by your tax dollars as well as the usual assortment of Marxist foundations such as the Aspen Institute, the Rockefeller Foundation, Cares, the CDC, NoVA Foundation, Project Aware, UNESCO, ACLU, etc.   

There is another aspect of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that targets parents and was conceived as a process that could potentially be used to legally remove children from the home and custody of their parents.    

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) uses outside companies to perform surveys in our schools.  These surveys are used to determine each child’s needs and whether the child has reached SEL goals.  These surveys, however, ask children to answer questions about their home life and the personal habits of their parents.  They ask questions like Are your parents married? Are there guns in your home? How many times a week do you have sex? Have you tried drugs? Have you smoked marijuana? How many times a week do you bathe? Are either of your parents in jail? How many times have you tried suicide? Have you thought of suicide? Are you having peer pressure at school? Are your teachers good to you?

It is obvious they have expanded data collection to the entire family using the SEL program.  These questions are cleverly disguised so that children will unwittingly reveal information about their parents and home life that school and government officials would need search warrants to gather.  The purpose is to justify establishing Health and Behavior Clinics in the schools and allow school counselors with minimal medical training to advise and treat children without parental knowledge or consent.

The sinister agenda of the authoritarian elite is clearly revealed.  Selectively lowering the “age of consent” has enabled children “emancipated by decree” rather than age to make life-changing decisions without mature knowledge and experience.  And, even worse, they are encouraged and allowed to do so without the knowledge or consent of the parents. For instance, in the State of Washington, people of any age have the right to decide to have an abortion. This means that in Washington you don’t need consent from a parent.

None of this could have been achieved without the financial support of America’s wealthy elite.  For the past century, these American traitors have spent billions of dollars supporting every group, every agenda, every fake crisis to destroy our Constitutional Republic.  They profit from the freedoms and benefits given us in our Constitution, but their goal is to destroy America for personal greed and a lust for power.  It’s all about control.  They want to rule the world.

If America is to survive, we must use our knowledge of history to become truth tellers and teachers to our children.  We can no longer sit in silent acceptance of their ignorance.  

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!

Dr. Dan’s guest on Freedom Forum Radio this weekend is Rhonda Thomas, the Founder and President of Atlanta-based Truth in Education, a 501(c)3 that educates parents through exposing harmful anti-Christian trends, curriculum, and policies in the school systems. Rhonda has been politically involved for over 20 years with both local and national organizations and has worked with legislators on bills and issues that affect education, children, and families.

She is a member of Eagle Forum and Heritage Sentinels. Rhonda has raised money for nonprofits such as Tallulah Falls School and several foster care ministries. In addition, she served on the board of Center for Opportunity, and is a current board advisor for Public School Exit. Always ministry-minded, Rhonda is a national speaker who works with like-minded organizations to inspire parents to advocate for their children. She and her husband have two adult children.

Episode one of this interview airs on Saturday and Sunday, March 16-17, on WJRB 95.1 FM and is streamed live over the Internet.

Episode #2: March 23-24
Episode #3: April 6-7
Episode #4: April 13-14

Don’t miss my Easter Special with Pastor Hoyt Brown of the Old Fashioned Baptist Church on Saturday and Sunday, March 30-31.

Air times are Saturday, 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM, and Sunday, 2:30 PM and 7:00 PM. All programs are available by podcast following airtime here.

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