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Science vs. the Church of Climate Change

Suppose your second grade child came home from school and said, “Today we learned that 2 + 2 equals 10.”  You might think that maybe your child wasn’t paying close attention, so you gently correct the error and include a few examples of simple addition facts for security.

Now suppose your second grade child comes home from school day after day and you realize that much of what is being taught in science and math class is blatantly false.  Moreover, as a trained scientist, you have first-hand knowledge of the subject matter and can verify that what is being taught is just not true.  Many intelligent and educated parents are facing this dilemma on a regular basis and have no effective means to monitor or control the curriculum in their children’s school.

On a national level, suppose our government declared that the Earth was indeed flat and proposed a multi-trillion dollar project to build a seawall around the edges of the oceans to prevent water from escaping.  Crazy . . . right?

Would you feel any better about our government spending trillions of dollars to destroy our economy, reduce our standard of living to third world levels, cause massive human death from starvation and disease, and force us to live under totalitarian rule in an attempt to reduce Earth’s temperature by 0.01 degree in ten years?  Moreover, our government would imposes these hardships on us and do nothing to curtail carbon emissions from China and India, both of whom have enormous carbon footprints and continue to build coal-fired electric plants.

Nevertheless, it appears that millions of our fellow citizens firmly believe in the biggest international hoax since the Cardiff Giant, namely, that our planet will self-destruct in a few decades unless we reduce our lifestyle in the United States back to the stone age.

The greatest scientific failures in history have occurred when science was used as a tool of government to advance its self-serving agenda.  Galileo, for example, was imprisoned by the Roman Catholic Church for stating that the sun, not the earth, was the center of our solar system.  In that era, without the high power telescopes, computers, rockets and satellites of today, neither Galileo nor the Church could prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.  Although Galileo was correct, he lacked hard evidence sufficient to successfully challenge the religious and political power of the Church.

For centuries, scientific experimentation proceeded by a set of strict principles and rules to ensure accuracy.  Without adherence to the scientific method, humanity’s progress would have been haphazard and ineffective.  As the “tools of science” improved, it became easier to construct experiments that produced hard data, verified by reproducibility, upon which logical conclusions could be reached.  Scientists proudly adhered to the absolute honesty required by a shared responsibility for seeking truth as proven by use of the scientific method.  These “Men and Women of Science” held themselves to that high standard, policing their profession by peer review to censure pretenders and discredit false results.

The truth and logic of science is the enemy of ideologues and tyrants who seek to control mankind for their own nefarious and self-serving purposes.  After decades of rational scientific progress, the mechanisms of science have once again been co-opted by charlatans who knowingly manufacture and falsify data to support the goal of one world governance by the global elite.  The rantings and lies from the high priests of the ‘Church of Climate Change’ and their prophets of climatic doom have mesmerized millions of gullible believers and convinced them that a rise in earth’s temperature, caused by mankind’s use of fossil fuels, will lead to the destruction of our planet in as little as a dozen years.

Adherents insist that drastic measures to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from all sources must be undertaken immediately, which they know will cause chaos, starvation, social upheaval, and lawlessness.  The desired result will be the imposition of some form of martial law and the suspension of the constitutional protections in the Bill of Rights with the imposition of a collectivist oligarchy.  As always, the arrogant wealthy elitists and their sycophants will be immune to hardship.  Only the people will suffer.

Scientists know that the “climate” on our planet has and will continue to constantly change.  All living plants and animals and Earth itself are made of carbon.  Carbon is essential for all life.  All living creatures, Humans and Animals, breathe oxygen in and carbon dioxide out.  All living Plants take carbon dioxide in and put out the oxygen that we breathe.  Plants, Humans, and Animals all depend on each other to remain alive on earth.  If carbon dioxide gets too low, all Plants will die.  If all Plants die, all Humans and Animals will starve to death.  Carbon Dioxide is essential for all life on earth.

The most powerful greenhouse gas in our atmosphere is water vapor, which averages 3% of the atmosphere or 30,000 parts per million depending on temperature.  Carbon dioxide makes up only four hundredths of a percent or 440 parts per million.  Water vapor absorbs 95% of the energy that warms the air and absorbs seven times as much heat as Carbon Dioxide.  Carbon Dioxide has no way near the effect on the Earth’s temperature as water vapor does.  Cutting carbon emissions will not stop climate change.

These simple facts are taught in third grade science class, but, if you stand up and say this in a town hall, you will be shouted down as a ‘climate change denier’ . . . or worse.

Like the “doublespeak” in George Orwell’s 1984, the meaning of words have been re-defined and truth can no longer be spoken in public.

It is our duty, however, to speak out now regardless of the personal consequences.  Otherwise, our nation and the individual freedom it gives each of us will cease to exist, and the lamp of liberty will be extinguished forever.

Dr. Dan’s guest on Freedom Forum Radio this weekend is Anna Tillman, a geologist who worked in the oil industry for many years.  She has experienced the indoctrination of our youth in her own life when her teenage son came home from school filled with climate change propaganda.

Tillman: said, “As a geologist I do have a unique perspective on this issue, and I have followed it since the first presentation by Al Gore many years ago.  When I first heard him speak, I laughed to myself and thought that no one would ever believe his scam.  I am truly shocked and disgusted that this bad science has taken on a life of its own.”

The history of our planet is written in the geology of the rocks beneath us on land and in the sea.  As a geologist and a student of Earth’s 2 billion year history, Tillman is well qualified to help us understand these issues.

Episode one of this three-part interview begins this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, December 7-8, on WJRB 95.1 FM and streamed live over the Internet.

Episode #2:  December 14-15
Episode #3:  December 21-22

All programs are available by podcast following airtime here.

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  1. You record so aptly, in concise thought and words exactly what many of us intrinsically understand. But unlike me attempting to prove air is real, your discourse organizes the arguments from information with no other agenda than the truth, supported by legitimate science. Facts and history don’t lie, as you understand so well.
    If there is a defense for the sheep, it may be that living in a city, never experiencing more than concrete and glass, or in suburbs that are designed for order snd convenience, observing nature in direct connection to your existence, both daily and what impacts your future is non existent.
    I still don’t understand how anyone, even if you weren’t sensitive and observant to your surroundings, could believe or trust anything at all, the dribbles from the feckless character of Al Bore, excuse me, Al Gore.

  2. Where to begin: Just read your discourse and think you should be embarrassed by such skewing of the intentions and opinions of most climate scientists and the current administration. You generate fear of the federal government and the loss of individual freedoms. The global efforts to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, non renewable resources, is vital for human and animal existence. The Earth will go on regardless without us. Human destruction of flora and fauna, increased levels of methane gas production: these factors matter. We, as a global community, can do better. Creating a sustainable way of living is at the heart of the matter. This will not destroy our economy. Living unsustainably in China, the US, or wherever is the modus operandi of future suffering and economic peril worldwide.

  3. I noticed that Mr Pampass did not offer any information to dispute the science facts listed by Mr Lehman. Brainwashing works obviously. Being good stewards of the planet should begin by removing the trash islands in the ocean instead of bs fossil fuel elimination hysteria that will make little if any change in our lifetime.

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