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“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.”

~Thomas Jefferson (Monticello.org)

Recently, I have encountered an epidemic of hopelessness from some who, having expended enormous effort for the past three years, have not seen a successful outcome from their undertakings.

Now is not the time to retreat, but to reaffirm our principles, reevaluate our methods, and rejoin with increased vigor the war for Individual Freedom.

As the “debate” on gun restrictions rages on, fueled by an agenda-driven and an obviously biased media, Dr Dan’s Freedom Forum is giving a platform to County Sheriffs and other government officials who are willing to stand up publicly and confirm their allegiance to The Constitution, the Second Amendment, and an individual’s Natural Law Right to personal protection.

Respectfully, I ask you to support them.   Following are some action items:

  1. Attend the GRNC Second Amendment Freedom Rally in Raleigh at the Halifax Mall at NOON on Tuesday, February 5.
  2. Contact your County Sheriff and ask him to make a public statement to the effect that he will obey his oath of office in which he swore to protect and defend the Constitution and refuse to obey unconstitutional and unlawful orders that restrict or confiscate gun rights.  Several have already done so.
  3. Propose that your County Commission pass a strong resolution affirming the county’s support of the Second Amendment and its intention to help protect your Second Amendment rights. ( See Sample Resolution).
  4. Call your Senators and Representatives in Washington directly and often (Capitol Switchboard: 202-224-3121 or see Congress.org for direct phone numbers).   Politely tell them that you believe that the Second Amendment is critical to individual freedom and that, if they vote against gun rights in any way, you will protest at their public appearances when they run for reelection.
    When you speak with the staffers who answer the phone, remind them that, if their boss votes in favor of gun restrictions of any kind, they will be looking for work when their boss is defeated in the next election.
  5. Write to your Senators and Representatives in Washington directly and often.  Reiterate politely what you told them when you called them.
    Our nation is a willing federation of independent states. Call and write to your State Senators and Representatives and urge them to Nullify unconstitutional federal laws. Individual States have the right and obligation to use nullification to protect YOU, as an individual citizen of the state, and to protect the interests of the STATE itself.  Visit the Tenth Amendment Center for information on nullification and your rights under the Tenth Amendment.
  6. Listen to Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum Radio (WJRB 95.1 or Listen Live on the Internet) every week for timely discussions of issues that affect our Individual Freedom. Program times are Saturday at 8AM and and 9:30AM and Sunday at 2:30PM and 7:00PM.
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  1. You are so ‘right on’, and the saying is true’If it is to be, it is up to me, yes sir, it is up to me, if it is to be”. CPAC is in March let’s go. Say I referred you.

  2. Thanks Dr. Dan
    Doing our best but getting politicians to do the correct thing is like herding cats.Fortunate for us County Sheriff’s for the most part were raised to be honest and have some common sense.


  3. Dr. Dan,

    Observations tell us it might just be time for those ‘mean looking’ semi auto rifles and mags.

    Dept. Homeland Security ordered 7,000 select fire M-16s, as you know real machine guns the grabbers claim AR-15s are.

    Pin head leftist professors are now saying we no longer need the Constitution. This would get rid of the third term problem and Obama could make himself king like Idi Amien.
    What would they replace it with Sharia, or the commie constitution? Or a UN charter?

    Candidate Obama “We need a civilian national security force as strong, powerful and as well funded as our military.” Wonder where they would get their guns? Doubtful our guns would be melted down and made into useless Chevy Volts!

    Obama “The rich don’t want violence; they’ve got theirs.” Not when Obama’s Brown Shirt goons get our guns!

    Sharpton “There will never be social justice until every house has the same stuff” ‘Doubtful those gang bangers who kill for ugly tennies will become gainfully employed and stock their cribs like the “rich”.

    Farrahkan, after seeing the race baiter movie Django; “Any black that sees that movie knows it is time for a race war.”

    Sen. Nadler Only the military should have hi cap mags. The government should be the only entity allowed ‘ligitimate violence’.

    Even if this thug-o-cracy is not planning a holocaust on the ‘privileged whites’, Jews, useless eaters, and rebels there are drug gangs and sleeper cells who are under our noses just waiting for the ‘perfect storm.’

    These Marxist/Muslims have gone as far as they can without disarming US. Obama Tax made US subjects disarmament will make US slaves. The first step is always registration.

    The Second Amendment is the only thing between US and socialist injustice.

  4. Dr. Dan, if my husband were still alive he would be all over this issue.
    He was a police officer and firing range officer for many years when we lived in Illinois. He always supported the 2nd amendment as being an individual’s right to bear arms and advised people to arm themselves to protect their homes. Our eldest daughter was shot twice during an attempted robbery. She had been trained in comat shooting and was able to protect herself from possible death. Our home was burglarize many years ago. We were both trained and licensed to carry concealed weapons which I shall renew each time it is due. We had to go through a background check and be fingerprinted which was sent to the FBI for verification and clearance. We didn’t mind any of these requirements; nor should any applicant unless he/she has something to hide. Any law abiding citizen should be capable of protecting themselves and able to do so responsibly. We cannot lose constitutional rights as Americans and must do all we can to prevent such motions.

  5. Pat – thank you for taking the time to share your story with me. My college age daughter recently completed a concealed carry course and submitted the permit application. Both my wife and I feel more at ease now that out daughter has the skills and ability to protect herself.

  6. I appreciate your comments . . . . The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it ~Thomas Jefferson

  7. Dr. Dan,

    You should have been at the rally in Raleigh. What a show of support for the 2nd Amendment. There were at least a 1,000 folks there complete with cameras from the press. Didn’t get home before the news so don’t know if WRAL did anything to discuss this event/


  8. Ithink it is very interesting that the knee jerk reaction to this supposed random school shooting has been this nationwide demand for guns that
    most of us legal gun owners don’t even have. The common denominator in all of the shootings since Columbine, besides the obvious gun and ammo combo, has been STREET SCRIPTS (subscription pills taken and sold and consumed by teen aged school kids ) and VIOLENT VIDEO GAMES. tHE NATION WOULD RATHER INVADE THE LIVES OF LAW ABIDING CITIZENS THAN REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH THE ELIMINATION OF TOTALLY

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