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In this article I will explain my opinions about the constitution. I think the constitution has done its job but should be scanned over to make a few changes. I believe that the government is bending and twisting the words of this document in ways unexplainable. My favorite amendments in the constitution is the first and second amendments. I am proud as an American to be able to express my various opinions about something that hinders me. I am glad we can be able to defend ourselves with firearms when someone threatens my life. My least favorite amendment is the 22ndamendment. I am not happy that presidents are only able to serve two terms. I think they should be able to serve unlimited terms because if they are a good president, then why should they leave office? The shape our economy is in right now is not acceptable and I believe if we could elect a good president that can fix the economy and keep it that way would be a great idea.

There are some things that should always be in the constitution and should never be taken out such as the right to bear arms. The President of the United States does not want America to have firearms or ammunition. I think if this act came into place today there would be protests all around the nation. It would also create a more unsafe country. Criminals will still be able to obtain these weapons by smuggling them from other places. For an example I will use the prohibition of liquor (the 18th amendment). Congress hoped that it would decrease crime dramatically. Instead, it actually made a whole new category of crime and soon after came the repeal of the 18th amendment (the 21st amendment). The constitution is a true and just document but should be improved upon a little bit more as we progress as a nation.

Kaleb Hill
Mr. Bristol 3rd Block
Murphy High School

The U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, and was adopted on September 17, 1787. In my opinion, the United States Constitution is a brilliantly written political document. The Constitution has been around for over 200 years so undoubtedly it’s quite a remarkable accomplishment. Clearly it’s not perfect, which is why it’s a flexible document and can be adjusted by means of Amendments when required. The Constitution may mean different things to different people, but certain parts can often be misinterpreted. One example, deals with your first amendment right. Freedom of speech allows you to freely voice your opinion, but it doesn’t mean you have the right to say anything you feel, to anyone, at any time. Therefore, you cannot just scream “Fire” in a crowed movie theater. I believe our Constitution is being ignored by the ones who are there to support it. Many Americans feel the government is the answers to our problems, I feel they are wrong. The government is way too involved in citizen lives. For one, the government can now tape your telephone calls without a warrant, which clearly violates the Constitution. Unfortunately, so many Americans are uneducated about the United States Constitution, and don’t understand they give up some of their rights, and money to our government. I can vouch for myself that I knew very little about the constitution until this year and many others think nothing about the constitution, it’s there and is there to protect Americans rights so some never give much thought in understanding it correctly.

Isabella Harper
Murphy High School
10th Grade

I agree with what Dr. Dan talked about. Everything he said was true and straight to the point. If we want our government to change the way it handles things we must follow the Constitution. It seems that through the years as technology has increased and people have grown more and more greedy, they have forgotten we became our own individual country. The Constitution was written in our behalf and represented us as a whole nation with strong ideas and values. No president or government has really thought about the people and what we are entitled to. Government should put the Constitution back into their vocabulary. We as the people have a say in what is done about our nation, and we should. It has come to the point that the game of politics is truly gone out of hand. Everything has become he said, she said. Government has a job and mostly its to be the strong voice of the people it represents. The Constitution gave us rights as well as the government, the problem is that no one wants to follow them. To be free and to get our nation back on its feet we must think about what those brave men wrote that day. They believed we could survive, or else they wouldnt have written it that way. So, government listen to us and to those men who wrote on your behalf as well and start living and serving as what is meant in that wonderful document. It brings tears to my eyes knowing that if a change is not made in our country, our nation is truly gone.

Jordan Garrett,  Age 15
4th Block Civics, 10th Grade
Murphy High School

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