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The Democracy Deception

Most people who use the term “Our Democracy” do not understand the constitutional system that limits the power of our federal government.  The essence of “Democracy” is mob rule in which an entire group is controlled by 51% of its members.  By a simple majority vote, the rights of any individual or the entire group can be altered or eliminated and new rights invented and conferred.  Decisions concerning the life of each member are made by the majority based on group needs not the desires or wishes of the individual. 

The United States is a Constitutional Republic. Our Constitution limits the power of both the federal government and the states, specifically preventing any governmental entity from abolishing the Natural Law Rights of the minority, even a minority of one.  For centuries, humanity was ruled by a variety of monarchs who owned everything and controlled the lives of their subjects.  The founders, having won our freedom from the British monarch King George, believed that each of us was our own sovereign.  The concept of “individual sovereignty” means that every person has the right to make choices that determine the course of his own life.  Both the rewards for success and the consequences of failure are the responsibility of the individual himself, not of society as a whole. 

Those who would change our governmental system to a Democracy are advocating for a political agenda that would destroy the rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.  This deceitful and nefarious scheme is a modern-day Trojan Horse inside of which is hidden a Democratic Socialism plan to enslave humanity on a world-wide scale. 

We have seen examples of “Democracy” in this country in the past and the present day.  A “Lynch Mob” by its very design is a “Democracy” in which the votes of the “lynchers” always outnumber the vote of the “lynchee”.  The demonstrators, rioters, and looters in the streets of our cities today often chant, “This is what democracy looks like,” and they are absolutely correct.   The majority controls the actions of the entire group, and dissent from their edicts is not tolerated.

It is truly ironic that so many descendants of past victims of lynch mob brutality now seek to impose that lawless system on all of us.  Elimination of the filibuster in the Senate will eviscerate any legislative power now held by the minority.  Packing the Supreme Court with justices who do not accept the written word of the Constitution as law will create a legal superpower, not elected by the people, with the power to amend the Constitution by decree.  At that point, the tyranny of the majority will have become our new reality. 

The personal freedoms of each individual, defined by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, depend on government’s adherence to those documents.  Natural Law Rights are only secure if the power of the federal government is strictly limited, if the separation of powers between the three branches is adhered to, and if those in power are directly accountable to people.

Resist Tyranny !

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