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Trial By Fire

A fire in any location requires three components, heat, oxygen, and fuel, to start and continue to burn.  Oxygen is necessary for human and animal life and makes up roughly 20% of the atmosphere.  In small spaces such as inside commercial buildings, equipment is available to reduce Oxygen concentration to 15% which is equivalent to the inside of an airliner at flight altitudes and below the 16% necessary to support fire.  Oxygen reduction technology is not a practical solution for private homes or outdoors. 

Many substances are combustible and can provide fuel for fires, but their combustion temperatures vary based on physical and chemical constituents.  The “auto-ignition temperature” is defined as the minimum temperature at which any dry substance will ignite in air without a spark or flame.  Auto-ignition temperatures are surprisingly high.  Gasoline spontaneously ignites at 536 °F, diesel at 410 °F, rifle powder at 550 °F, and propane at 842 °F.  The primary combustion temperature of wood ranges from 536 °F to 896 °F depending on the type of wood, resin content, and state of decay or dampness. 

Each year since 2000, wildfires in the American West have destroyed an average of one to two million acres of forest, burned structures and homes, and caused significant loss of human and animal life.  While air temperature may have a minimal effect on forest ignition, some external source of heat (e.g., lightning, matches, campfires, or arson) is necessary for trees, grasses, and forests to combust.  The primary blame, however, falls directly on federal government bureaucracies that have failed to carry out proper forest management strategies by incompetence or design.

The American Progressive Movement found its origins a century ago among the wealthy robber barons of the industrialized north.  Socialist ideologues united with these “trust fund hypocrites” and patiently corrupted the elected and bureaucratic functions of government to promote a system of self-profit at the expense of our individual freedoms. 

For decades, their primary tool was the aggressive use of environmental regulations, such as the Endangered Species Act (ESA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and the Antiquities Act of 1906 to prevent public access to millions of acres of land.  In some instances, private property was stolen outright from individuals through abuse of eminent domain.  Other landowners were prevented from using their own land by oppressive regulations and penalties even though they retained nominal ownership.  In addition, federal government agencies enacted restrictive policies to prevent the public use of land they confiscated.  Once forest land is federalized, especially by the ESA, it is simple to expand animal habitats and corridors to increase the amount of land removed from public and private use.    

All of these usage regulations and land confiscation plans are based on the primary principle of Marxist philosophy that the private ownership of land must be forbidden.  Advancing a totalitarian agenda requires stealth and cunning by gradual implementation.  The key to their success is to enact rules and laws that affect the smallest number of people first.  That explains regulations and laws that sequester and control access to forest land.

Small populations in rural areas by themselves don’t have the numbers to out-vote urban population centers or the funds to initiate legal action.  Political alliances between rural and urban areas are increasingly more difficult to build as the country becomes more polarized and passionately divided by the group identity agenda of the collectivist elite. It is easy to use the Endangered Species Act, NEPA, Antiquities Act, and Waters of the US, for example, to federalize forest land under the guise of protecting nature and “endangered species” from humanity.  Once in federal control, forest land can be left untended and access roads abandoned, which effectively prevents use by humans even without legal barriers.

In the eastern hardwood forests, the logging industry has been decimated by restrictions on timber harvesting and by the US Forest Service’s failure to maintain access roads.  In many Appalachian counties, 30% or more of the land is owned by the government, severely reducing the county tax base which is dependent on taxable private land.  Every forest plan revision involves a major battle to prevent the USFS from increasing land designated as “wilderness area” which is off limits to human use.  Blocked access roads and government regulations prevent firefighters from reaching fires that endanger large forest areas and adjacent populated communities. 

The wildfire problem is more severe in the west, where purposeful neglect has allowed decades of dead timber and overgrowth of trees and brush to serve as abundant fuel for severe and devastating fires.  One hundred years ago, a man on horseback could easily gallop through the national forest land. Deliberate lack of proper forest management since then has created the abundant fuel that now feeds the seemingly limitless destruction.   

In the end, it is all about Private Property as defined by our nation’s founders.  The totality of your private property is your land and home, your possessions, the work of your hands, the ideas of your brain, and your life itself.   

The goal of the global elite is to herd humans into mega-cities where human lives are totally controlled by a dictatorial structure of world governance.  That plan, known as the United Nation’s Agenda 21, now the UN Agenda 30, has been well known and public knowledge for decades. 

This administration’s “30 x 30” program is the Americanized version, leading to a totalitarian world governance in which human rights are limited to those granted by the leaders of the Corporate-Political Complex.  The creators of this “egalitarian” socialist society invariably imagine themselves as the new “Lords of the Manor”.  There will be no real transformation of society, but rather a wealth transfer and swapping out of dictators. 

The common people, namely you and I, always lose.    

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!

Dr. Dan’s guest on Freedom Forum Radio this weekend is Howard Hutchinson, founder and Executive Director of the Coalition of Arizona/New Mexico Counties for Stable Economic Growth for the past 31 years. He is also a forest management expert and property rights activist.

Howard Hutchinson

Part one of this five-part interview begins this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 23-24 on WJRB 95.1 FM and streamed live over the Internet. Part two airs Saturday and Sunday, October 30-31, part three airs Saturday and Sunday, November 6-7, part four airs November 13-14, and part five airs November 20-21. All programs are available by podcast following air time here.

Howard Hutchinson Short Bio

Current Work: 31 years under contract as Executive Director, Technical Writer, Media Liaison for the Coalition of Arizona/New Mexico Counties – 14 counties in the two states; 28 years County land planning consultant nationally.

Past and Present Volunteer/Public Service Activities: Commissioner, New Mexico Water Quality Control Commission 26 years; Member, New Mexico Governor’s Blue Ribbon Water Task Force 9 years;  Member, San Francisco Soil and Water Conservation District 27 years;  Chair, San Francisco River Basin Water Advisory Board;  Chair, Catron County Water Advisory Board; Chair, Catron County Land Planning Committee;  Member, New Mexico Central Arizona Project Entity;  Member, Southwest New Mexico Regional Water Planning Task Force;  Speaker for the National Federal Lands Conference;  Member, Public Participation Group for the Upper Gila River Water Supply Study;  Participant, New Mexico Water Dialogue for the development the New Mexico State Water Plan Template;  Participant, Upper Gila Mexican spotted owl recovery working group;  Member, Black Range Resource Conservation and Development Council;  Member, Southwest New Mexico Council of Governments;  Instructor, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Education & Training Center for Natural Resource Law;  Co-Chair, Peoples Alliance for Jobs and the Environment; President, Freedom21, Inc. previously the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO).

Interests: people, U.S. Constitutional Law, history, political science, ecology, economics, philosophy, psychology, physics, natural science, linguistics, anthropology, science fiction, white water boating, camping, hiking, climbing, gardening, auto mechanics, welding, and metal fabrication, electromagnetic applications, western river dynamics, home construction and anything else involved in expanding personal knowledge and consciousness.  Best described as a free market environmentalist who believes that the human species is a symbiotic member of the ecosystem.


  • 1984- Outstanding Achievement in Agricultural Reporting – New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau
  • 1992- Appreciation for Services Rendered for Work on the Southwest Regional Water Plan
  • 1995- Outstanding Contribution Award – New Mexico Cattle Growers
  • 1996 & 1998- Appreciation for Providing Instruction to US Fish and Wildlife Service Employees in Natural Resource Law
  • 1997- Appreciation Award – New Mexico Dairy Producers Association
  • 1998- Amigo Award for Outstanding Contributions – New Mexico Wool Growers Association
  • 1998- Ayudando Siempre Alli Award for Outstanding Contributions – New Mexico Cattle Growers
  • 2003 – Bud Eppers Contract Award – New Mexico Federal Lands Council
  • 2004 – Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award – New Mexico Farm & Livestock Bureau
  • 2006 – Long Time Service Award for 2005 – Glenwood Community
  • 2007 – Pace Setter Award to a Soil & Water Conservation Supervisor – New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture
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  1. It has not been carelessness that has caused the western forests to burn but downright criminal intent by factions within the government. Since when do the aluminum wheels on an automobile melt and a tree next to it goes unscathed? A row of houses are burned to the ground but most of the trees lining the street are still green. They have been using DEWs [directed energy weapons] to move people out of neighborhoods that big business wants the land for its own uses.

    Elements within Govco have been controlling California [bread basket of the US] weather with HAARP for decades to reduce the viability of California’s food production. Lakes and rivers used for irrigation are all but gone today. Food scarcity is starting to show now and will become much more dire with this new program of preventing ships from unloading at our ports. They are collapsing our economy intentionally.

    Have you ever wondered why N. Korea has been flexing its nuclear might the last decade? We have been using HAARP to cause periods of flooding followed by periods of drought for decades in an attempt to bully them into accepting the Rothschild/Vatican mafia’s control of their monetary system.

    A few years ago there were 7 countries that refused to yield to the demands of the world mafia–N. Korea, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. We made Cuba a deal they couldn’t refuse after standing on their throats for over 50 years and our CIA getting the right people in office down there. We killed Qaddafi, the leader of Libya and handed the most progressive country in all of Africa over to the mafia. We knocked out Afghanistan
    and Iraq which leaves Iran, Syria [been at war with Syria under phony pretexts for years] and N. Korea. Of course the controlled media is constantly painting all 3 of them as terrorist states so Americans will approve when we go to war against them to bring them under mafia control.

    You might wonder just why the U.S. is responsible for bringing all the holdouts into the fold of control of the Rothschild/Vatican world mafia. Its because the U.S. is not a country but a corporation that is owned lock, stock, and barrel by that group of sick conspirators. If you doubt that then Google the municipal flag of Washington DC. Its a gold flag with 3 stars on it representing the Vatican that claims the entire planet and all souls on it, through conquest; The House of Rothschild that controls the world’s monetary system; and the United States military which is the club that has been used for a century to beat all holdouts into submission.

  2. I’d like to correct something you said about property taxes. The county governments, just like the State and Federal governments are privately owned corporations. They do not have our interests at heart nor do they care one iota about any real law. The Constitution of The United States of America [under the Act of 1871] does not allow the government to tax private property. Only commercial property is subject to taxation. The power to tax is the power to destroy and they are very good at it.

    Just how did they get around that stipulation? By calling our land and homes ‘residential’ which sounds like a place where we live. The word ‘residential’ comes from the term ‘res’ which means thing. Hidden from view they came up with a term that has a commercial connotation the same as ‘forestry’, ‘commercial’ and ‘agricultural’. They tricked us all into registering our land and homes. Of course you have no choice if you financed your property with a bank. Registration is conveyance of legal title to the State. We are left with equitable title which gives us ‘time’, ‘possession’ and ‘use’ as long as we follow all their rules and pay whatever they demand.

    Just what other trickery did the State perform in pursuance of tax revenue? It matters not what the deed says as to the description of the owner(s). You may have used your Christian appellation [ie. what you are called by, for example; John William Jones] on the deed but the county will change it to “JOHN WILLIAM JONES” a legal fiction straw man estate that they created and attached to every man, woman and child without our knowledge and consent.

    Estate???? Yep, you the living man have been declared deceased so they can administer your estate-all that you have worked for all your life. Don’t believe me? Then take a look at your Birth Certificate. It was signed by the State Registrar, the State Office of Probate that administers the estates of the deceased. Google the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666 that explains their assumed authority to control you through a presumed estate. This tells you how long this fraud has been going on and who’s behind it. It is the basis for our own Corpus Juris Secundum, Section 16, page 892, that explains how they are allowed to take control of the estate named after you until you prove that you are alive. Couple all that with a court system that is owned and directed by the same controllers and you will see how we have been enslaved all of our lives.

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