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As the crystal ball slowly descended in Times Square marking the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, I couldn’t help but consider resolutions and plans for the New Year.  Ignoring the predictable, common, and personal, my mind focused on our uphill battle to restore a moral and constitutional government, thereby preserving Liberty for ourselves and future generations.

As always, the struggle revolves around the right to own private property in all its forms and iterations and the efforts of the elite ruling class to limit and remove ours while preserving and enhancing theirs.

The Forced Redistribution of Wealth steals the fruits of our individual labors for the benefit of other unrelated persons.  Equal opportunity has always been the cornerstone of the American Dream.  Success was attainable by anyone who had personal ambition and perseverance, even if victory meant overcoming unfair obstacles along the way.  Forcing equal outcomes reduces the value of individual achievement and redefines its value to that of the lowest common denominator.

When did it become the constitutional duty of the federal government to pick life’s winners and losers, especially when that decision is based on illogical guidelines established by untouchable bureaucrats?  The President demands a tax increase on an arbitrarily selected group of productive individuals he disingenuously calls “millionaires and billionaires” even though he knows it will fund the government for only eight days.  Demonizing wealth and success is part of his class warfare strategy of misdirection to hide the theft of our individual liberty by the government . . . I would rather be mugged by a thief on the street.  At least the thief had the guts to act personally to steal money from me rather than have it handed to him without effort.

The Fourth Amendment was written to protect “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures”.  Advances in technology such as red light cameras, video surveillance in public places, full body scanners at airport security, Google Street-View, and the recently added specter of unmanned drones with attack capabilities, all represent a gross usurpation of power by the government that is blatantly unconstitutional.

The Patriot Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) have continued the massive erosion of our civil liberties.

Under Section 1021 of the NDAA, persons who are merely “suspected” of sympathizing with or supporting groups the U.S. designates as terrorist organizations may be imprisoned without charge or trial “until the end of hostilities.”

Because the “war on terror” is a war on a strategy, not on a country, it has no boundaries or timetable.  Consequently, this law can be used by authorities to detain, perhaps forever, anyone the government considers a threat to national security and stability – potentially even demonstrators and protesters exercising their First Amendment rights.

The NDAA neither excludes nor protects US citizens from arrest and detention.  Having no geographic limitations, it can be used to detain people captured anywhere.  You don’t have to be on a battlefield or even directly involved in armed military combat to be subject to US military authority or outright aggressive action.

The NDAA provides a structure to habituate Americans to the concepts of indefinite detention, assassination, and extra-territorial rendition.

Guns in the hands of individuals, clearly protected by the Second Amendment and the writings of our founders, present the greatest single threat to tyrants.  And they know it.  Armed with a fabricated “crisis” and false myths about personal gun ownership, the political elite and their media sycophants are pushing again for legislation to endanger law-abiding American citizens by disarming them.

Disarming citizens has always been a prelude to slaughter, as proven by the fate of the Jews in Hitler’s Germany, the “useful idiots” in Stalin’s Russia, the educated in Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and the peasants in Mao’s Red China.  Millions of dead innocents bear silent witness to consequences of personal disarmament.

A “No Guns Allowed” sign is an invitation to thugs, criminals, and psychopaths who avoid armed confrontation for their own safety.  Signs don’t deter psychopathic killers.  Their rampage can only be stopped by return fire.

When you think about it, true “gun free zones” in locations such as the White House, Congress, Airports, Court Houses, and State Capitols are enforced by men with guns.  Armed guards protect the president’s daughters in their school.  Hollywood stars and politicians who rail constantly against private gun ownership hire men with guns for the personal protection they would deny to each of us.

Are their lives more valuable than yours?  The hypocrisy of the global elite is overwhelming.

In 2013, the battle for America’s soul will continue here on Dr Dan’s Freedom Forum and on Freedom Forum Radio as we examine and discuss, without trepidation, our alternatives to preserve Individual Freedom.

Beginning the weekend of January 5, Dr Dan discusses the founders’ belief on the role of government and Individual Liberty and the remedy of Nullification with Dr Greg Brannon of FoundersTruth.org.

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  1. This is why we must all work together toward educating the people and then getting them active. The government must beresponsive to the people not a select elite group of people.

  2. Dr. Dan……….
    Many thanks for keeping the flame lite. It’s an honor of mine to be
    connected to you. Thank you for all you do in the defense of God,
    America & Common sense.

    Your Friend,
    Alan Coates

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