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Wealth Preservation as the Dollar Declines

James F. (Jim) Davis, President of Accuracy in Academia (AIA) and Chairman of the Clay County (NC) Republican Party, sat down with Dr. Dan to discuss The Federal Reserve, Quantitative Easing, and Inflation focusing specifically on what this means for average Americans and their families.

James (Jim) F. Davis is the Chairman of the Clay County Republican Party and President of Accuracy in Academia (AIA), a Washington, DC non-profit.

He grew up on a family farm, has a degree in economics from Cornell University and an MBA from the American University and served in the US Army 3 years as a company commander, and computer systems analyst.

Jim spent most of his adult life as an international banker, first with Chase Manhattan Bank where he held long-term assignments in Europe, Latin America and the USA. Positions included long and short-term Economic Forecasting and Planning Officer, Country Risk Analyst, and Expansion & Diversification Officer. He was also head of Multinational Lending for Chase in Venezuela.

He moved to several other banking institutions where positions held included being the head of the Trade Finance Division, the Real Estate Division, the Latin American Division, and the International Division. He has been profiled in “Who’s Who in International Banking.

Being responsible for a bank’s business in many countries requires the analysis of the economic, social and political conditions in those countries that they did business. He learned firsthand what government policies helped bring about economic prosperity and which ones caused poverty.

Jim traveled extensively in more than 50 countries, meeting with many world leaders. Seeing first hand how events were misreported in the dominant media motivated him to become involved with Accuracy in Media (AIM) where he is a Director.

He was an elected representative in Darien, CT for 20 years, a member of the Finance & Budget Committee, and at times Chairman for Education, and head of the Taxpayers Association.

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