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What Happens if the Left Wins

Historians have continually warned us not to disregard the lessons of history lest we repeat future tragedies that could have been avoided.  Nevertheless, human history is filled with a constant repetition of past disasters.  Whether acting out of ignorance or treachery, we seem to be addicted to a repetitive cycle of choices, already proven to have been catastrophic, as if they will somehow lead to an outcome that is good and beneficial for all.

In our world today, and specifically here in the United States, we are once again flirting with international socialism as the supposed panacea for all societal problems.  The promoters of this concept, driven by greed and a lust for power, seek to rule the world for their own personal benefit.  As usual, they rely on a group of supporters to whom they have promised a share of the spoils.  These “useful idiots” are ignorant of history and fail to realize that they are the sacrificial lambs without value once they have sold their brothers and sisters into slavery.

If you grew up in America in the decades after World War II, you lived each day with the threat of annihilation from the Communist dictatorship in Russia.  They were our mortal enemy.  You practiced “duck and cover” in school in case of nuclear war, you saw the murder of East Germans trying to escape and heard stories of atrocities behind the Iron Curtain, you saw a Russian satellite, “Sputnik”, fly over your home, and you saw Russian Dictator Nikita Khrushchev pound his shoe on the podium of the United Nations, threatening to bury us and destroy our country with nuclear warheads.  Subsequently, as the Berlin Wall was torn down, we learned first-hand the economic and social failure of socialism and the bleak hardships of daily life in Communist Russia.   Stories of the Gulag, torture, murder, and human rights violations allowed us to understand the inevitable transformation of socialism into totalitarian communist dictatorship.

But here is our problem today.  Most Americans born after 1990 have:

  • No memory of the Cold War or the fall of the Berlin Wall
  • No memory of the Tiananmen Square protests and massacre
  • No memory of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, or Iran-Hostage Crisis
  • No personal knowledge of the disastrous failures of Socialism

Many are are also victims of a deliberately sub-standard American education system in which they:

  • Never adequately learned American and World History, Creative Writing, Math, and Science
  • Lack the ability to assess facts and reach logical conclusions
  • Think and act based on “herd mentality” from biased social media interactions with their peers

Rabbi Joachim Prinz, a vocal advocate for the Civil Rights movement in America, was a Rabbi in Berlin, Germany, until he was forced to flee in 1937 by the Nazi regime. 

On August 28, 1963, at the March on Washington, Rabbi Joachim Prinz spoke just before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech.  This excerpt from Rabbi Prinz’s speech is relevant to our discussion on today’s program.  

When I was the rabbi of the Jewish community in Berlin under the Hitler regime, I learned many things. The most important thing that I learned under those tragic circumstances was that bigotry and hatred are not the most urgent problem. The most urgent, the most disgraceful, the most shameful and the most tragic problem is silence.

A great people which had created a great civilization had become a nation of silent onlookers. They remained silent in the face of hate, in the face of brutality and in the face of mass murder.

~Rabbi Joachim Prinz

From Rabbi Prinz’s speech, we have our lesson in history for our current time. 

We can no longer accept being ruled by the arrogant global elite and their authoritarian allies who plan to take away our Natural Law Rights and Freedom so they can rule the world.

As patriots, it is our duty to reach out to neighbors, friends, our children, and our grandchildren to teach them American history, engage in discussions about Natural Law Rights and the Constitution, and help them understand the dismal failures of collectivism and tyranny.

Not everyone disregards the past.  Evil never sleeps.  It uses the lessons of past failures to achieve success in the future.  By our silence, we are complicit in the traitorous betrayal of America. 

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!

Alex Newman
Alex Newman
President Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc.

Dr. Dan’s guest on Freedom Forum Radio this weekend is Alex Newman, an award-winning international journalist, educator, author, speaker, investor, nationally syndicated radio host, and consultant who seeks to glorify God in everything he does.

In addition to serving as president of Liberty Sentinel Media, Inc., Alex hosts a nationally syndicated radio program and has written for a wide array of publications in the United States and abroad. He currently serves as a contributor to the Epoch Times, a correspondent for the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, foreign correspondent and senior editor for The New American, a writer for World Net Daily

In 2019, Alex Newman and a coalition of high-profile Christian leaders formed Public School Exit, the nation’s premier ministry working to rescue American children from the horrors of government “education.” The organization exists to facilitate a massive exodus from public schools by raising awareness and knocking down barriers for parents, pastors, and children.

Episode one of this interview airs on Saturday and Sunday, January 6-7 on WJRB 95.1 FM and is streamed live over the Internet.

Episode #2: January 13-14
Episode #3: January 20-21
Episode #4: January 27-28

Air times are Saturday, 8:00 AM and 9:30 AM, and Sunday, 2:30 PM and 7:00 PM. All programs are available by podcast following airtime here.

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