Who is God?

Who is God

We are living in perilous times. Too many of us don’t understand the nature of the risks facing us as individuals and as a nation. True Individual Freedom is under attack by forces far more powerful and resourceful than ever before.

All of us should understand and accept that individual freedom is not a partisan issue to be debated by politicians and used to purchase votes. Freedom, and one’s ability to protect it, is a Natural Law Right and, therefore, a basic moral right of humanity.

Since its inception, Dr. Dan’s Freedom Forum and Freedom Forum Radio have focused primarily on issues related to the philosophy of governance, our nation’s Constitution, and the Natural Law Rights that it protects and secures for each of us. And we will continue to do so.

Natural Law Rights, however, are God-given and belong to each of us by dint of our humanity. Unlike rights manufactured and granted by government, Natural Law Rights impose no obligation on another person.

The mention of Natural Law Rights suggests and requires a discussion about our Creator who, having given each of us life, allows us to reside in a realm of His creation.

In an increasingly immoral and troubled world, what could be more important than a conversation about God and morality, a study of His Word, and an understanding that each of us is part of His divine plan.

My partner is this endeavor is Pastor Brian Saraney of Calvary Chapel Mountainside Church in Murphy, North Carolina.

And this is Freedom Forum’s outreach crusade for God.

Join Dr. Dan Eichenbaum and Pastor Brian Saraney as they address the question . . . Who is God?  The program airs this weekend, Saturday, April 4 and Sunday, April 5 on WJRB 95.1 FM and streamed live over the Internet.  All programs are available by podcast following air time here.


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  1. yes, i am convinced that the matter of Natural Law & Natural Rights is most crucial to understanding that in order to maximize liberty in any society, there must be rule of law to protect & preserve sacred individual unalienable natural rights.

    while i don’t have any kind of all encompassing list of natural rights, nor would i presume to fully create such a thing, one good place to begin such consideration is with those fundamental natural laws/rights protected by the second half of the Ten Commandments, which have been adopted by a variety of cultures throughout history, from ancient Israel to our own American culture, and even our supreme civil law upon whose foundations it was originally based:

    * Commandment 6: right to life & self-defense — murder & violence prohibited; right to bear arms upheld.
    * Commandment 7: right to private contract — adultery prohibited; no individual or collective (including a state) can justly interfere in private contracts.
    * Commandment 8: right to property — theft prohibited.
    * Commandment 9: right to be protected from damages resultant from false representation — intentional deceit prohibited.
    * Commandment 10: right to privacy — spying upon individuals prohibited; direct taxes prohibited; while coveting property of another begins only with a thought and can therefore not be directly regulated through rule of civil law, one who minds his own business and respects the natural right to privacy of others finds it difficult to covet.

    all of these natural rights should be agreeable to humans in general, let alone anyone calling themselves any form of “libertarian”. if not, then i would seriously question how they view their philosophy as being supportive of liberty.


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