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Cycles of History Ignored – Your papers, please

Historians have incessantly cautioned us not to disregard the lessons of history lest we repeat failures that could have been avoided.  Nevertheless, humanity has habitually and often flagrantly ignored their warnings.  A retrospective examination of humanity’s past, however, teaches us a valuable lesson.  Not everyone disregards the past.  Evil never sleeps.

The ultimate ambition of government of any form is total population control.  Elected officials and their bureaucratic minions perpetually seek to extend their sphere of influence and increase their absolute authority.  All sectors of a regime cooperate to achieve this goal.  They then justify their actions with false claims of necessity and universal benefit, ignoring written constitutions and regulations that prohibit them from doing so.  Individual freedom, inversely related to state power, is thereby sacrificed incrementally on the altar of tyranny.          

In a free society, citizens enjoy the right to travel at will without limitation.  The extent of government tyranny is directly related to the ease with which the people move around the country.  Regulations that lead to a gradual increase in fuel costs, selective vehicle taxation, and enforcement of speed limits and inspection codes are designed by government to increase control of population mobility.  These relatively minor annoyances are designed to get people accustomed to travel limitations.  When restrictions combined with financial and legal consequences are eventually placed directly on selected individuals, however, a totalitarian government has already taken control.

The concept of a National ID Card has always been controversial.  At a minimum, it gives government the ability to know where you are, where you have been, when you were there, and who you are with at every location.  Most of us believe the government should not have this information which leads to the obvious question, “What do they need if for anyway?”  At this basic level, the risk is more theoretical than actual, but it is another means to introduce a small amount of government control and loss of privacy and freedom into our personal lives. 

Serious issues arise, however, when an ID card classifies individuals as members of identifiable groups such as race, skin color, religion, age, sexual orientation, or political beliefs.  Government-defined group affiliation threatens members with potential profiling, exploitation, and ultimately human rights abuses based on genetics or personal choice.    

In Nazi Germany, a national ID card identifying the holder as “Aryan” was required for all public sector employees, including teachers, as of April 1933.  After the Nuremberg Laws were passed in 1935, proof of Aryan lineage became more stringent.  Birth and baptism certificates for three generations were necessary just to be considered a citizen of the Reich.  For Nazi Party members and SS officers, a genealogy chart was required showing pure Aryan bloodlines as far back as 1750.

Identification card issued to Marion Basfreund and stamped with a red J for Jude and the added middle name of “Sara.” —US Holocaust Memorial Museum, courtesy of Hilary Dalton

The ID cards of non-Aryans contained significant data for identification purposes (name, address, birthdate, birthplace, picture, fingerprints, etc.).  Those for Jews were conspicuously marked with the letter “J” and prevented the bearer from traveling inside Germany, from crossing borders to leave the country, from employment, and from engaging in activities that required government approval.  Eventually, of course, the obvious “J” made it easy to identify Jews for detention, deportation, torture, and slaughter.

Americans have a long heritage of liberty.  The transition from independence to oppression requires a catalyst – a crisis that causes generalized fear and requires the government to restrict individual rights to protect the people from harm.  The Covid pandemic is the perfect tool to enslave the American population.

If the government controls the media, the catalyst only needs the illusion of truth to be successful.  With Covid, the message was designed to create fear and portrayed the disease as mercilessly fatal with government regulations as the only safety net.  In essence, this is what the American people have been told:

Covid is a viral illness that is fatal, easily spread, and untreatable.  To save your life, the government requires you to get a vaccine that is improperly tested and does not really work, wear a mask, give up all normal social interactions, close your business or restrict customer access, and accept as truth whatever the government medical “experts” tell you.  Moreover, in order to work, engage in business, attend functions, and travel you will need to show proof of vaccination.

Physicians who still believe in the Hippocratic Oath should have been protesting this medical stupidity, but, threatened with loss of income and hospital access, most shut up and acquiesced.  The “Vaccine Passport” is in place for many activities, although struck down by the Supreme Court for some workers but not in the healthcare sector.  The most egregious crime is the needless suffering and death that occurred by withholding life-saving treatment to further a false medical narrative and a collectivist political agenda.  No complicit physician is without guilt.  

All of that, however, is immaterial.  The lesson here is really simple.  When government disregards all the constitutional protections of individual freedom, when it is intent on achieving dictatorial control, when it controls all media, and when the wheels of government have been bought and paid for by the global elite, truth and the people are equal victims.  “Consent of the governed” only works when the Natural Law Rights of individuals are protected and secured. 

Circumstances have brought us back to 1775, except we are now being betrayed and oppressed by domestic enemies instead of the British monarch.  The result, however, will be the same unless regional governments choose to interpose themselves between the federal tyrants to protect the rights of their local constituents.

Our founders risked their life, liberty, and sacred honor to create our nation.  For our part, we must learn to say, “I will not comply with your unconstitutional theft of my God-given Natural Law Rights” and truly mean it.

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom!            

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  1. Checking your papers while en route is a scary thought and people from the left and the right would not tolerate this. On the other side of the coin, If there were a required national ID, and an employer was required to have that on file, then perhaps the financial lure for illegal aliens would be gone because employment was not possible. If there were a required national ID, then voting fraud, and multiple voting by an individual would not be possible. If there were a required national ID, and the same driving regulations from state to state, then I can see an advantage to that as well.

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