US Constitution and Individual Freedom

Georg Hegel, Due Process, and Your Future

As the last stronghold of the free market and the Natural Law rights of the individual, America is the epicenter of World War III, the Battle for control of Earth.  

Our Constitution is a written contract that formed a federal government with specified limited powers and defined its relationship to the states and their citizens.  Even more important, the Bill of Rights requires the federal government to protect and secure the Natural Law Rights of the states and their citizens.  That guarantee is what prevents the enactment of the entire collectivist agenda.  The Bill of Rights is the roadblock to socialism and any attempt by the government to enslave its citizens.  For that very reason, the global elite knows they must destroy the Bill of Rights.

In 1776, regular people like you and me threw off the yoke of tyranny to embrace individual freedom and the Natural Law Rights that are our divine inheritance. The descendants of kings and queens of the 19th Century and their wealthy enablers, however, are attempting to take back control of our planet and all its inhabitants. The guidebook for their agenda is the Communist Manifesto and the tool to destroy individual rights is the Hegelian Dialectic.

It all started with Karl Marx, Frederich Engels, and Geog Hegel in 1847 as the London Communist League and, after Marx’s death, with the Fabian Socialist Society.  Those concepts were adopted by the American Progressive movement in the early 20th Century by the wealthy scions of industry and banking families in the northeast.  These early American socialists were able to use their money and political influence to start a war against the private property rights and the sovereignty of the individual. The Hippies of the 1960’s became the teachers and professors of several generations of young brainwashed American kids who became the foot soldiers in the insurgency to gain control of the systems of our government.  

The Hegelian Dialectic forces opposing groups to reach a consensus through dialogue, compromise, and, if necessary, intimidation.  The resolution of each conflict by consensus advances the collectivist agenda.  To begin the process, the progressive collectivists propose an extreme modification (Antithesis) to our current policy (Thesis).  When we object, they offer a concession (Synthesis) that moves us closer to their objective.  We compromised on every issue to avoid the stress and discomfort that is a necessary part of drawing a non-negotiable line in the sand.

The Hegelian Dialectic only works if society is divided into groups.  In a cohesive society, the loyalty of the people is to the entire nation and its goals.  During the era of European emigration to America, our nation was described as a “Melting Pot”.  The different flavors of immigrants from all over the world melted together and created a fondue of unique essence.  The individual ingredients, however, could not be distinguished or separated from the whole.  The concepts of equal justice under the law and equal opportunity, but not equal outcomes, were derived from the constitutional guarantee to protect and secure the Natural Law Rights of every individual, even a minority of one.   

The progressive agenda requires dividing the population into special interest groups to create conflict which is then solved by compromise and consensus.  America, therefore, has now become a salad bowl.  Each ingredient, while part of the entire salad, is easily recognized for what it is and can be assigned to a specific group.  A legislator seeking reelection chooses to take something of value from one vegetable group and vows to give the proceeds to vegetables of a larger group.

The key here is that solutions reached by compromise and consensus-building reflect the views of the majority which disregards the rights of those holding the minority view.  Majority rule, of course, is a basis of Democracy, in which individual rights are ignored.  For Marx and Hegel, Democracy was a mechanism for decisions to be reached through mob rule, a tool to enslave us all in a “dictatorship of the proletariat.”  

In the past two years, we have seen a constant attack on and a significant erosion of our Natural Law Rights guaranteed by our Constitution.  The institutions of government designed to protect individual and state rights have been corrupted by citizens and groups with the financial ability to influence elected officials and bureaucrats.  Several years ago, Susan Collins, a senator from Maine, spent $90 million to get reelected, and she was outspent by her Democrat challenger.  The question in everyone’s minds should be, “Who spends $90 million to get a job that pays $175,000 per year?” 

The obvious answer is that financial supporters gain direct access to the engine of government.  Sometimes, access leads to good outcomes for the country.  More often, access generates a payoff in the form of laws, rules, goods, and services that will enrich the person or group who donates the money. 

Corruption enriches some while draining resources for everyone else.  As corruption increases, the costs are paid in loss of freedom and lifestyle for We the People.  Those with access are usually so wealthy that they are immune to the financial burdens placed on others.  This hypocrisy should be obvious to everyone, but so many of our fellow citizens are too self-absorbed or ignorant of the facts to care.

Article V of the Constitution is the only section that provides a method to amend any part of that document.  Nevertheless, the collectivists have devised an alternative to achieve their goals.  They have succeeded by corrupting the federal court system at all levels, even the Supreme Court.  Judges in the court system were supposed to be learned and impartial jurists who base decisions on the written words of the Constitution.  Instead, presidents since FDR have either packed the federal judiciary with judges who agree with their political agendas or bullied the courts to support their political goals.  Basing decisions on precedent rather than the words of the Constitution moves federal court rulings one step further away from the written law.  When a federal judge’s ruling contradicts the Constitution, that judge, in essence, is amending the Constitution illegally.

One of the primary issues being used to destroy the legal foundation of our nation as well as our economy and lifestyle is Climate Change and the Green Agenda

Several months ago, in a small group of people, the subject of Climate Change came up.  In passing, I made a remark that Climate Change is a world-class hoax to promote the globalist agenda by instilling false fear in the population.  One of those present chided me for minimizing what he considered to be an existential threat to human life on earth.

In considering my comments later, I realized that Climate Change is very real and has been a constant part of earth’s history since our planet was formed approximately two billion years ago.  A geologist who was a guest on Freedom Forum Radio several years ago mentioned that the surface temperature on earth at one point was 430,000 degrees.  A great deal of climate change has certainly occurred since that time.  Where we are sitting right now was covered by a glacier two miles thick a mere 20,000 years ago, which is a tiny blip in time considering the two-billion-year age estimate of our planet.

And so, Climate Change is not a hoax at all. 

The hoax is that, in our collective arrogance, humanity believes that we have the power to abort or modify alterations in the earth’s ecosystem caused by forces well beyond our understanding and control.

The single largest greenhouse gas is water vapor which constitutes 95% of the total greenhouse gases in our atmosphere.  Of the remaining 5% non-water vapor gases, mankind’s contribution is only 6%.  The math (.05 x .06 = .003) is clear that man-made greenhouse gases constitute only 0.3% of the total, an amount that is incapable of having any significant effect on the Earth’s temperature.  Yet our government is demanding that we must eliminate that tiny amount of man-made greenhouse gas in order to change the trajectory of climate change.    

Clearly, the idea that mankind has any tool at all that could alter the trajectory of earth’s climate or that of our solar system is a fantasy. 

That fantasy is not part of the normal thought processes of most people.  Global warming, global cooling, climate change, or whatever you want to call has been used by the left as a tool to produce a state of generalized fear for the future of life on earth. 

The proposed cure, however, is the cruel deception that we can save planet Earth by giving up our lifestyle and our individual freedom.  The collectivist elite has sold this fantasy to the gullible and ignorant masses who are racing down the rabbit hole of global tyranny oblivious to the catastrophe that awaits them. 

My recent interview with Jerry Hawkins is a good example of America’s descent into a totalitarian state.  Jerry Hawkins‘ home was raided on April 14, 2021, by federal agents in full tactical gear with automatic rifles. Here is his story in his own words.

In the pre-dawn hours of April 14th, 2021, a swarm of Federal Agents from several agencies raided our home and property. I was approached in our back yard by several agents in full tactical gear with automatic rifles aimed at me, at the same time my wife was confronted at our front door by several more agents in full tactical gear and automatic rifles who were in the process of breaking into our home.

What horrendous crime could warrant such action? The unsubstantiated accusation that my home-based business was manufacturing and selling unregistered firearm parts.

Based on these unsubstantiated accusations, our bank accounts were emptied, businesses shut down or crippled, all money was seized from the home including the precious metals and rolled coins that were our life savings, and all electronics.

No firearms were seized but parts and inventory relating to the alleged items as well as items not on the warrant were seized and taken. This included parts of rain collection systems and vacuum pump systems that were taken and catalogued as illegal firearms.

The primary questions my wife and I were asked were about where the money was. It almost seemed as though the accusations were just a vehicle to seize the money.

Unfortunately, they have learned to manipulate the laws and the system so that after 18 months, no grand jury has been convened, no criminal charges have been filed, property has not been returned, and we have been blocked from going to court by a judge who gave the government an indefinite stay of prosecution.

Jerry Hawkins

We do not know if Jerry Hawkins is guilty of manufacturing illegal gun parts or if he is an innocent victim of ATF overreach.  We do not know if the ATF seizure of his bank accounts and personal funds, the destruction of his business, and the disruption of his personal life and his ability to earn a living were justified or not.

And that is precisely the problem.

Eighteen months after the ATF raid, Jerry Hawkins, his wife, and his family are in limbo.  His guilt or innocence has never been adjudicated in a court of law.  Jerry Hawkins has been denied his Due Process rights as required by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It is intolerable in a civilized society when the Due Process rights of individuals are ignored or abused by law enforcement and the judicial system. 

When our government and judicial system are allowed to unilaterally suspend the Habeas Corpus and Due Process requirements in the Constitution and Bill of Rights to achieve a political agenda, we are no longer a “Nation of Laws”.  We are, in fact, no better than the dictatorships, past and present, whose violations of human rights we now condemn.

The Holocaust in Nazi Germany during World War II happened to people just like each of us, people who couldn’t bring themselves to believe that their so-called “civilized” government would be capable of perpetrating war crimes and genocide against its own citizens.

We are now involved in World War III.  It’s all about access to government by the wealthy global elite whose greed, hypocrisy, and arrogance have caused an insurmountable global divide.  No matter what happens to us, they will survive and prosper.           

  • Money controls all the actions of government, here and abroad.  In America, the cost of running a successful campaign for public office is beyond the reach of most individuals and far exceeds the nominal financial value of holding that office
  • The decisions and votes of elected officials are bought and paid for by those who contribute to their campaigns
  • Legislation, Executive actions, and legal decisions are based on political agendas rather than ethical constitutional principles
  • Special interest groups and the wealthy use their money to gain access to the mechanisms of government and to promote programs that destroy the financial well-being of the people.
  • For members of the wealthy elite, there is no accountability for breaking the law or causing harm to others
  • The elite control the media which emits a constant stream of lies and preaches a socialist agenda to the useful idiots of our time who don’t realize that they will be the sacrificial lambs when world socialism is achieved

And that’s just a partial list.  

We must now become the insurgents if we want to protect our freedom and the future of our children and grandchildren.  We must win over the hearts and minds of two generations of Americans who have been brainwashed to believe that a few crumbs and promises from the globalists are worth giving up their freedom.

We can no longer afford to sit on the couch and complain about the failings of the federal government or the future course on which our nation is headed. 

Let’s vow to make 2023 the year of action to save our nation and the world from the scourge of collectivism.  Acta non-Verba. It’s time for action . . . not words.

Resist Tyranny and Trust in Freedom.

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  1. Dear Dr. Dan: I have had first hand experience in regards to government corruption at several points. First the government destroyed my Fathers’ business of protecting ranch livestock. He designed a shotgun to strap to the wing struts of a Piper aircraft to kill livestock predators, namely coyotes, Mexican brown eagles, bobcats and any other creatures that killed rancher livestock. The San Angelo newspaper had a full page article about the deeds my Dad was performing for the ranchers of West Texas and New Mexico. A politician or bureaucrat was driving through the state and purchased a local newspaper and read the full page article. He went on to Washington and had the FAA to make him stop killing eagles that were killing young lambs. Those birds came out of Mexico by the thousands. The FAA notified my Dad that he could not kill eagles from an airplane. Later he was restricted from shooting from an airplane, putting him out of business and devastation to ranch livestock. This individual wrote my Dad a letter telling him he wished he would fly into a mountain and kill himself. THE NEXT STORY IS ABOUT ME AND MY MANY GOVERNMENT EXPERIENCES: DEVESTATING!

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